Gas leak remains a mystery in top Mossley

Gas pipe repairs in top Mossley are proving a challenge for National Grid experts.

gas-pipe-2And there appears no immediate end to the disruption for residents and motorists on Stockport Road, close to Cross Street and Carr Hill Road.

Work has continued for weeks trying to locate the source of a gas leak with temporary traffic signals operating at the junction with Lees Road, Arundel Street, Stamford Street and Stamford Road.

It is believed gas detection equipment located the trouble last week. But it now appears escaping gas has travelled into ducts along the road.

A spokesman for National Grid admits leak discovery has become something of a “detective story” adding: “National Grid is continuing to repair a number of leaks on the gas pipe in Stockport Road, Mossley.

gas-repairs-mossley“The safety of local people is our top priority so it is vital that any leaks found on the pipe are repaired before we can leave site.

“Some of the leaks have proved more difficult to pinpoint than is usually the case. We have been using camera technology to survey the inside of the gas pipe and identify the likely sources of the leaks.

“We are sorry for any delays caused to motorists, local residents and businesses.

“We’d like to thank them for bearing with us while we carry out this work. We will keep people updated on progress.”


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