Turning up the heating at Mossley Community Centre

Warm hearted councillors have ensured Mossley Community Centre users won’t need an extra layer of clothing much longer when visiting the Roughtown Road premises.

Mossley Community Centre

But the Centre is now expected to provide free room hire to new start-up groups for up to 12 months as part of a successful application for a £5,000 grant towards a new boiler system.

Trustees Susan Ash and Christine Frost successfully lobbied for the much needed funds at the February Town Council meeting.

In return, the Council asked the Centre to provide free room hire, 10 hours every month for the next year as a goodwill gesture for receiving the money.

“The Centre can’t operate without heating,” explained Susan. “We are reliant on it being a nice warm place for people to come.

“It’s a big spend to save long term and we have been told we will make significant savings. We are confidant a new system with relieve our overheads.”

The trustees explained the Centre’s current two boiler system is obsolete and one of the boilers has been decommissioned as unsafe.

The building is leased from Tameside Council whose responsibility is to maintain only the fabric of the building.

A crowd funding scheme to help pay for the work achieved less than £1,000.

There are currently 15 groups and activities, for all ages, running at the Centre, seven days a week.  More than 700 people use the Centre each week “involving all age groups from birth to 96.”

It is envisaged opening the doors to other organisations can raise the profile of the Community Centre and help provide a more sustainable future.

Any individuals or groups who want to apply for free room hire are asked to contact Town Clerk, Mike Iveson, at theclerk@mossley-council.co.uk

The MCC was originally known as Roughtown School and completed in 1865.

It then became St John’s School when the adjacent St. John the Baptist’s Church was consecrated in 1878. The school closed in 1974 and became Mossley Youth Centre.

The Council also agreed to a £300 grant to Mossley Dance School towards hire costs of the George Lawton Hall for a full dress rehearsal on the Sunday prior to their annual charity show in May.

The Dance School was founded at Abney Church in 1975 and is one of the groups presently based at the Community Centre.


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