Do tell them Pike: New lead GP at Mossley practice

The appointment of new Lead GP, Dr Yuliana Picthall, plus longer consultation times and closer engagement with all staff are measures taken to improve patient satisfaction at The Pike Practice in Mossley.

Dr Yuliana Picthall

A fluent Russian speaker with a special interest in Diabetes, Dr Picthall will work three days a week and be supported by Dr Jimit Sheth who will cover a number of shifts per week.

And as part of a drive towards a healthier more active lifestyle, the Pike Practice on Market Street is organising a walk round the town for patients and non patients on Thursday, March 16 at 12.30 pm

The changes have been instigated following a recent patient survey, the results of which have now been published online and mentioned in the surgery’s winter newsletter.

Feedback from the survey has brought an extension of five minutes from 10-15 minutes-as supported by the British Medical Association- for consultation time with a GP.

“The Practice continually review all processes and procedures and work innovatively to ensure our patients receive an excellent service,” explained Practice and Regional Manager, Jane Wallace.

“The survey was undertaken to find out what we were doing right and in which areas we could improve.

“A lot of our patients have lived in the area a long time and have seen times of change.

88 per cent of patients surveyed said they would recommend the practice to family and friends while 87 per cent confirmed they had confidence and trust in the GP’s and Nurses.

Other future areas of engagement will be regular coffee mornings and encouraging more attendance for the patient participation group.

“We strive to provide an excellent service for our patients,” adds Dr Picthall.


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