Jail house rocks!: former Mossley police station transformed

IT MAY not look too different from the outside but step inside Mossley’s former police station on Argyle Street and it is an arresting sight.

Doug and partner Amanda

Forget 60-minute Makeover, this Victorian-built property is unrecognisable from the ramshackled, dilapidated structure that went up for auction last April.

A year on from the sale local builder and property developer Doug Kenney has turned the one-time ‘cop shop’ into one two-bed and one three-bed homes.

Twelve months after the Mossley Correspondent first visited the historic property, Doug invited us back to witness the transformation prior to the new owners – a young Mossley couple – moving in. And what a transformation!

Little remains of the original interior, though Doug and partner Amanda Looseley worked hard to keep some of the character of a building at the heart of Mossley life for more than 150 years.

There is a stone window letting light into an open plan kitchen that used to be a window to a prison cell!

There’s the wooden floorboards in a new front room, revealed after four different floor coverings were removed.

Some of the original glass remains incorporated into the front door and surround while the iconic stonemasonry depicting the words ‘County Constabulary-Station’ on the outside front door remains visible.

The blue lamp that hung above the door has been placed in storage until Doug and Amanda decide how best to display it again.

“It’s been hard work,” says Doug. “But we are delighted by how it has turned out, though I still can’t get my head around how much it has changed.

“It took us just short of 12 months but in terms of the building building work, we were on the job for about six months.

“In total, there have been about 12 people working on it – all Mossley lads – and the standard of work has been exceptional.”

The size of the job can be imagined by some of the statistics with Doug estimating 15,000 bricks were removed and subsequently re-cycled towards other local projects. Then there were the six skips filled with stone.

Only one original ceiling remains as the rest have been lowered by at least one foot. Despite that even the world’s tallest basketball team could walk inside without banging their heads.

Doug admits no skeletons were uncovered – literally – though he did make one interesting find.

“We came across an old fashioned key which turned out to be for the air raid siren on Waterton Lane!” he revealed.

“Apart from that everything had been taken away before the police moved out.”
The couple could be forgiven for resting on their laurels after the long project – but

Amanda says they are keen to renovate other buildings in the locality as well as offering a full property maintenance service from full refurbishments to loft conversions, all aspects of building work, interior or exterior, including bathrooms, windows and doors.

For further information contact Doug on 07779 930408 or doug.kenney@sky.com


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