Paintings by number at Woodend

Hundreds of visitors flocked to Woodend Mill for the annual Art Fair and the Correspondent joined the crowds for a viewing.

The historic site on Manchester Road is a hot bed of creativity with a plethora of artists billeted in the rabbit warren of corridors and studios.

And on the weekend of April 22 and 23 studio doors were thrown open and floor after floor covered with paintings of every description and style.

Artists drawn from Mossley, Saddleworth and further afield chatted with visitors, offered advice and sold some of their works.

It proved impossible to visit all studios and view all the countless canvasses displayed. Hopefully though our photographs provide a flavour of what was on offer.

And don’t wait for the 2018 Art Fair before visiting Woodend. You’ll find many studios open most weekends and artists happy to chat.


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