Forget-me-nots to raise awareness of dementia

KNITTERS and crafters are being asked to help create an unforgettable display to promote Tameside as a dementia friendly borough.

Tameside Council’s public health team and partners are planning to decorate local landmarks and community meeting points with hand-made and home-grown forget-me-not flowers – the Dementia Friends logo – as part of activities to highlight Dementia Awareness Week from May 14-21, 2017.

Schools and community groups across the Borough are already busy making and growing forget-me-nots but more people are needed to get involved to help create the displays.

Anyone who wants to knit or crochet a forget me not can download the pattern at

Work should be dopped off at Mossley Library in George Lawton Hall.

Tameside Council is also supporting the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends campaign.

This aims to make life a little easier for people living with dementia, by encouraging as many people as possible to become dementia friends and help create a more dementia-friendly society.

Becoming a Friend does not involve raising money for charity or donating your time on a regular basis.

It simply asks that Friends remember what they have learned and put it into practice when they meet someone who might need their help.

You can become a Friend in one of three ways:

l Watching a video – There is a range of films available, designed to address the needs of different staff roles.  This takes 10 minutes.

l Reading a booklet

l Attending a face-to-face information session led by a Dementia Friends Champion. This takes around an hour.

Champions will be delivering Dementia Friends’ Sessions in venues across Tameside. Please visit to book onto a session near you.

Tameside Council Executive  Member responsible for Health, Cllr Cooney, said: “Whether you can make forget-me-nots to help raise awareness or become a dementia friend – this is a great opportunity to show your support and help us make Tameside more dementia friendly.”

For further information, contact Public Health Programme Officer Angela Wild on 0161 342 3477.


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  1. Who remembers the shops on Mossley Brew ? John Goodalls Butchers, Haighs Shoe Shop and many others? In the War Years , at eight years of age, it was my job to get the SHMD bus from Carrbrook Road End to Mossley Brew every Saturday morning, to get our meat ration from Goodalls Butchers and then walk back home with it via Hey Heads and Swallow Lane to Carr Cottages in Carrbrook. How Happy those far off days were and how good it is to look back to them over the years. My Dad’s family lived in Micklehurst and every Sunday night was family night at Grandma and Grandad’s. house on Huddersfield Road . The adults sat on the chairs, the dogs lay under the table, and we kids lay on the floor listening to endless tales of the week,s goings on We used to sit for hours on the doorstep of the Barbers shop on Staly Road waiting for a haircut for 6d . Boys always had to wait until the men had had their hair cut before we could have ours cut . 80years ago eh and the memories are still as fresh now as if it were then.

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