Mossley Morris Men are alive and kicking at first outing of new season

Mossley Morris Men have enjoyed their first outing of the new dancing season.

And after uncertainty over their future last year, the Mossley group is hopeful of attending more events in 2017.

Mossley Morris Men in action

A tour of Droylsden on St George’s Day launched their season with President Martin Stimson optimistic about the year ahead.

“Last year, despite being short of numbers, the team had a pretty good season, turning up at a number of mainly local events,” explained Martin.

“However, towards the end of the year, with members having other commitments, they were unable to attend a few of the Civic events they like to support.

“This year promises to be a better one. A couple of new members joined and there is an optimistic feeling throughout the group they will be able to field a full team more often.

“After Droylsden, we have other tours planned, including Saddleworth Rushcart and local Civic events.”

For more information on where Mossley Morris Men are dancing or more about them visit their Facebook page.


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