Millbrook youngsters remember victims of Manchester bomb attack

Millbrook Primary School pupils have taken part in a singing challenge dedicating it to the victims of last month’s terrorist attack at Manchester Arena.

The Millbrook youngsters were among 200 from Tameside who gathered in Stamford Park to perform a specially commissioned song celebrating parks and open spaces.

They were joined by other schools from around Greater Manchester performing the song written by Out of the Ark Music.

Before the performance the pupils held a short silence to remember those affected by the tragic events at Europe’s largest indoor entertainment venue which saw 22 people killed and more than 60 injured.

The event was organised and co-ordinated by Tameside Music Service, which provides a range of musical opportunities for children and young people in educational settings.

Lead Vocal Tutor Caroline Ratcliff said: “We are proud to be a part of an annual event which champions the health benefits of singing as well as a strong sense of community.

“Music is a unifying activity and the children held a short silence to remember the victims and their families – who are all in our thoughts and prayers.

“The performance lifted the spirits and hearts of everyone within earshot of the park – it was a very special experience for everyone involved.”

For more information about Tameside Music Service please email or phone 0161 882 9548.

Elsewhere children from schools across Tameside have shown solidarity with everyone affected by tragic events in Manchester.

From writing prayers and producing artwork to taking part in special remembrance assemblies and services, pupils have paid tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack in their own poignant ways.

Youngsters in Buckton Vale Primary’s School Council at Carrbrook produced a statement which said: “We need to stay strong as a community and be prepared for any future attacks; we shall not show that we are frightened or scared as that would mean that they have won.

“This attack in Manchester shall not make us scared or worried about the future, and if we are, we must stick together to fend off any other terrorists; we can never fall into the hands of evil.”


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