New home for Cosmopolitan as business booms

A MOSSLEY business is destined for the big time, literally, as it is expanding after just five months.

Ashleigh Lee, Samantha Collings and Leah Keighley at the opening of Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Hair and Beauty set up earlier this year, but already custom is booming so much larger premises are needed.

And with that move, to a neighbouring unit on Manchester Road, will come extra staff.

The success of the salon has stunned many people, not least owner Samantha Collings.

“The response since we opened has been absolutely incredible,” said the 27-year-old, who previously worked in Uppermill and owns it with Leah Keighley and Ashleigh Lee.

“We all underestimated ourselves a bit really because we never thought we’d be this busy.

“We’ve all got cancellation lists as long as out arm every day and we book up four or five weeks in advance. We struggle to get appointments in!

“Old customers we haven’t seen for years come up and say, ‘I believe you’ve opened a shop,’ and want to book in with us.

“The support has been insane and everyone has been even more supportive since we said we were going bigger.

“If someone came up to me 18 months ago and said I’d open my own business and we’d need to move to bigger premises in five months, I’d have laughed in their face and said, ‘Not a chance.’

“In January, Leah and I booked a holiday and this was only a thing in our minds.

“Four weeks later, we were looking at a salon – this year has been a whirlwind.”

The trio’s decision to open up has proved a brilliant one and the move to new premises in a nearby unit at Weir Mill came after a chance conversation with their landlord.

She added: “We were talking to the landlord of the units and asked, ‘Has the end one gone yet?’

“He said it hadn’t, so we said just out of curiosity, ‘How would you feel if we had it?’

“He was like, ‘Yeah, definitely. You should go for it.’ So we went to view it that night and it was all systems go from there.”

Currently, Cosmopolitan is looking for people to work with them.

They want beauty therapists qualified at NVQ Level Two or above, nail technicians, hair stylists that have gained their NVQ Level Two or above and any therapists trained in advanced skincare, things like microdermabrasion.

And work on the new premises, which has already started, means they should be in and settled long before Christmas.

Samantha added: “We should be opening in the first week in November and there will be enough room for six styling stations, two beauty therapy rooms, two nail desks and we’re going to have a make-up artist in.

“We’re also going to have an aesthetics clinic too. It’s twice the size of our current site plus one metre.”


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