Mossley mum stole from disabled man while working as an escort

A FORMER social worker from Mossley stole from a disabled man after she quit her job and became an escort.

Michelle Kershaw (by Cavendish Press)

Single mother of three Michelle Kershaw, 45, grabbed a guitar, synthesiser and iPhone from Derek Ackerley whilst he was being treated in hospital for brittle bone disease.

The blonde had previously worked for social services but after joining an escort agency to make extra money she met the 55-year old victim when he hired her go on a date with him.

She later agreed to act as carer for Mr Ackerley but was seen to take his stuff from his flat in Urmston and she cashed in her £1,600 haul at a pawnbrokers shop.

Kershaw later falsely claimed the stolen items were gifts given to her by the victim. It emerged she had an addiction to painkilling tablets.

At Manchester magistrates court, Kershaw who has three daughters aged 13, 18 and 24, admitted theft and was given a 12-month community order and told to pay £1,600 in compensation to Mr Ackerley as well as over £500 court costs.

She must also complete 100 hours unpaid work.

Prosecutor, James Gore said: “The complainant finds it difficult to get around and he contacted Miss Kershaw through an escort agency in June 2016.

“In July the defendant then undertook some care duties for him. Mr Ackerley was in hospital and his father was looking after the flat when he saw the defendant removing some items.

“Those items were then taken to cash converter and she pawned them for cash.’’

In mitigation, Kerhsaw’s lawyer Liz Ridgeway said: “This is an extremely difficult set of circumstances, especially as this is the first time the defendant has been before the court before.

“She has no previous convictions and her life had been going reasonably well before it took a downturn.

“She worked as a social care worker for the social services, has has lots of qualifications, she has done well in school and college.

“But sadly her sister was diagnosed with bone cancer and she had to leave her job to look after her.

“She was receiving benefit but this wasn’t enough to fund her family and a friend suggested for her to get involved with an escorting agency to get some more money.

“She could specify what she wanted to do and she didn’t need to have sex.

“After much deliberation, she did end up working for the escort agency and told me that it was good money.  However she did encounter some problems. She was assaulted on one occasion.

“Her sister then died of bone cancer and she had a psychiatric breakdown and began self medicating with codeine.

“She met the complainant who initially wanted more of a sexual contract with her, but she refused.

“Instead she came off the escorting agency and became his carer. She wasn’t employed by social services at the time, this was a private proposal.

Michelle Kershaw (by Cavendish Press)

“She did not think of the consequences at the time and shows significant remorse for what she has done.

“She is trying her best to look for jobs, she wants to keep her house and she wants to provide the best life for her children.

“She knows this conviction could potentially stop her from getting another job in the social care industry.

“She is an honest woman and feels deep shame and remorse.

“She told me that she wanted the money from the items to pay for the codeine she was buying from a dealer.

“She is now drug free. She has taken the necessary precautions to getting herself straight. She is healthy and able and willing to change. She has dealt with her issues and is ready to move on.”

Sentencing Kershaw, JP Susan Craig told her: “We do feel for your situation but that doesn’t not take away from the offence you have committed.

“This could have been a very different ending and you could have ended up in custody.

“I know you have not been before the courts before and hopefully you won’t be here again.”


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