Into Africa: Charity worker Chloe excited for Ghana experience

CHLOE Ellis has been a familiar face behind the counter of a Mossley butcher’s shop.

Chloe at Pattinson’s butchers before leaving for her trip

But Chloe from Carrbrook has sold her last lamb chop and piece of rump steak at Pattinson’s on Manchester Road to become an International Citizen.

The former Mossley Hollins High School pupil recently flew to Africa to begin a three-month stint as a volunteer with the International Citizens’ Service.

Chloe will be working in communities throughout northern Ghana before returning to the UK in December to begin a full-time teaching career.

The Correspondent caught up with Chloe before she left and discovered this isn’t her first trip to Africa.

“It all started out of jealousy,” she laughed. “My brother did his Duke of Edinburgh Award at West Hill and he went to Kenya to do some charity work.

“I mentioned it to one of my teachers at Mossley Hollins and it all snow balled from there.

“In 2011 I was lucky enough to go to Kenya myself.

“Ever since then I knew I wanted to go back and do more charity work.

“There are a few people in Mossley who have done it via the same charity and mentioned it to me.

“So, I decided to apply, I got an answer in days, went for an interview and it has gone on from there.”

Chloe flew to the capital Accra with 30 other volunteers before being dispersed throughout the country to their own specific projects.

“I will be working on a variety of programmes including access to education, human rights campaigning and health awareness,” she said.

“Some of it will be working with women and children as lots of African countries don’t value women and children as well as they value men.

Chloe at Pattinson’s butchers before leaving for her trip

“So, it’s all about how they can access their rights and work and promote human rights campaigning.”

Chloe qualified as a teacher from Leeds Trinity University last summer and decided to give herself this three-month sabbatical before starting her new career.

“I wanted to get more experience before sitting in a classroom and thinking ‘this is my life for the next 30-40 years’,”she said.

“When I come back I will be applying for jobs over Christmas and if I can’t get a full-time post straight away, I’ll look at doing supply teaching.

“I am qualified to teach from birth up to seven-year-olds. I do like the five-year-olds where you can have a good conversation with them and their imagination still runs wild.”

Chloe raised nearly £800 towards her trip including making her own whisky marmalade and arranging a charity raffle with prizes donated by local businesses.

“The marmalade sold really well – I think Mossley is full of people who like to have a drink,” she smiled.

“I also did a regular bake sale, bag packing and also sold some of my old stuff I no longer need.

“It all added up so I am grateful to everyone in Mossley and the area who supported me.”


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