Light carnival for the community set to illuminate Mossley again

Mossley’s people-powered winter carnival is taking to the streets again on Saturday, November 25 with a giant of a parade promising to outshine last year’s inaugural Light Festival.

The event will be the culmination of months of planning, costume, lantern and puppet making and is the biggest of its kind in Tameside after Ashton’s annual Christmas Lights switch-on.

More than 3,000 people of all ages attended the 2016 street parade and organisers are already predicting bigger crowds because of last year’s success.

This year’s parade theme is ‘A Tale of Two Giants’ based on a mythical tale of two giants, Alphin and Alder, who stood guard over the Upper Tame Valley.

Both, it is said, fell in love with Rimmon, a water nymph from the bubbling waters of Chew Brook in the valley below.

Rimmon fell in love with Alphin, which enraged Alder and the two giants fought by casting boulders at each other.

Last year’s light festival

The tale has a tragic ending but the recreation of the legends will be anything but gloomy!

“I don’t think anyone could believe it was such a fabulous event,” said Mossley Town Councillor, Lesley Bill.

“We are expecting more people this year so hoping it will be bigger and better,” added Cllr Bill, who is the Town Council’s lead on the project.

The Light Festival was the brain child of Mossley born community arts guru, Leon Patel working out of the Vale Arts Centre in Micklehurst.

“The event transforms the town by bringing people together in the workshops and out of their houses at the darkest time of year to celebrate everything that unites us,” says Leon.

“In November 2016 an amazing cross-section of Mossley worked together to create the first MLF which included a visual arts exhibition in two local railway stations and created a beautiful street carnival.

Last year’s light festival

“According to a life-long resident, the event ‘was the best thing that’s happened in Mossley’, setting a high standard to live up to for this year!

“It was a night of wonder for young children, nostalgia for older people and a memorable event for everyone.

“It is the largest free event in Mossley and a rare opportunity for everyone to create and enjoy high quality art in a public setting.

In 2016, 40 per cent of the town were involved and feedback was amazing, with hundreds of people asking for it to happen again.

“People really enjoyed being part of something that unites, builds connections and inspires.”

Meanwhile, as part of the Light Festival programme, visitors can also browse indoor and outdoor craft markets.

The expanded indoor market will take place in the main room, foyer and small side room at the George Lawton Hall from 4-7pm.

Proceeds will be divided between the Mayor of Mossley’s community charities and the Light Festival.

All stalls have now been taken though a few remain, costing £15 to hire, for the outdoor market on the Market Ground, taking place between 4-7.30pm.

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