Mossley MP welcomes proposed boundary changes setback

THE Government’s proposed boundary changes to Parliamentary constituencies have been dealt a setback.

A private members’ bill won sufficient backing to defeat the Government.

Local MP Jonathan Reynolds, whose Stalybridge and Hyde constituency would disappear under the proposals, welcomed the news.

Mr Reynolds said: “Parliament spoke loudly and clearly to let the Government know these boundary changes are not what people want.

“In a private members’ bill brought forward by Manchester MP Afzal Khan to quash the daft proposals, we won the vote by 229 votes to 44.

“Nobody wants to see communities carved up and rearranged as part of a political exercise.

“It’s not quite clear at the moment whether the Government will now drop these particular proposals or stand their ground and attempt to push them through.

“But what is now crystal clear is that neither the people nor parliament will let that happen without a fight.”


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