Writes of passage – Rita’s window on Mossley’s past

Rita Vaughan has steeped herself in Mossley history since she moved to the town a decade ago.

And there’s not much about the area’s past Rita doesn’t know.

p13 rita books STORIES ABOUT MOSSLEYNow locals too can tap into that knowledge thanks to the retired New Charter Housing employee’s latest books.

Written in conjunction with John Ashworth, ‘Stories About Mossley’ is an intriguing collection of tales about the town’s past: drunken clergymen, the fastest pigeon, the largest egg and the Empire Cinema Murder.

Rita’s second book dovetails nicely with her work with Mossley Town Team and the introduction plus expansion of the blue plaque trail.

‘Mossley St John Ambulance’ chronicles the Brigade’s almost century long existence and the work of Clarinda Rowbotham, their first Lady Superintendent.

p13 rita books MOSSLEY ST JOHN AMBULANCEClarinda, also sister-in-charge of Mossley’s WW1 Military Hospital, is pictured on the front cover and she will also become the subject of a future blue plaque.

Rita has previously published ‘An Awful Accident’ and ‘Remember All The Boys’- a painstaking but rewarding investigation into every Mossley man who lost his life in World War One. Around 3000 signed up between 1914-1918.

Her new books are officially launched at George Lawton Hall on May 6 at 11am. There’s also a chance to ‘meet the author’ at the Local Studies Library in Ashton on May 25 from 11am until 1pm.

‘Stories About Mossley’ costs £7 and Mossley St John Ambulance £8. They are available from Mossley Library and the Local Studies Library.


2 Replies to “Writes of passage – Rita’s window on Mossley’s past”

  1. A couple of questions for you please.

    I’m a Mossley lad born and bred, born on Cross Street near the Butcher’s Arms on what is now a car park. Have you got any photographs showing the houses that used to be at that location, I’m often accused of being a Yorkshire man as allegedly the boundary (pre 1974) between Yorkshire and Lancashire ran through Brookbottom and I was supposed to have been born on the ‘wrong’ side of the boundary.

    My second question(s) involve the picture house on Arundel street, what was it called and when did it close down and if at all possible, when did the Empire close down.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Dave Rigg
    Stockport Road (Mossley)

  2. The cinema off arundel st was the pavilion sorry but cant give the exact dates of when they closed but must have been around the 1950 s hope this information will help a bit the owner at that time was a man called Benny Downs who lived on the left hand side on Stockport rd just about 5 or 6 hundred yards from the top of Carrhill RD

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