The Highland Laddie to be bulldozed?

THE Highland Laddie, one of Mossley’s best-known pubs, could be bulldozed.

Oldham company Glean Limited has submitted two planning applications to Tameside Council for the building on Market Street, Top Mossley.

The Highland Laddie

One involves demolishing the pub, that was sold by Robinsons Brewery in June 2016, and the other would see it converted into apartments.

The proposal to pull down the pub and outbuilding would see it replaced by six two-and-a-half storey – rooms in the roof – semi-detached dwellings contained within three separate blocks.

Due to the topography of the site, the proposal includes site level adjustments for access roads and driveways.

The other proposal would see the pub converted into nine one and two-bedroom apartments and creating a car park and access road. This would also involve demolishing an existing outbuilding.

Cordingleys Chartered Surveyors and Estate Agents are acting as agent for Gleam Limited.


2 Replies to “The Highland Laddie to be bulldozed?”

  1. As regarding the highland laddie and its land, are they going to get rid of the japanese knotweed before demolishing/building? Its growing in the highland laddies garden area and has since spread into the neighbouring gardens of mayall street. While people behind the highland are doing what they can to minimised the spread and growth of the plant the new and old owners of the property dont seem to care or have noted the invasive property destroying plant!

  2. This is a travesty. I’m not from Mossley but I work in the area. I’m currently sat in my car right opposite the Highland Laddie and can see this is a beautiful building that means so much to the people of Mossley.
    This building should remain part of Mossley heritage. Don’t make Mossley like Manchester City centre by demolishing all the architecture that makes Mossley the lovely place it is.

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