Family business Ellison IT celebrates 10 years tailoring technology for your needs

TAILORING technology for your needs is the mantra for Ellison IT Services which has celebrated 10 years in Mossley.

Simon Hare and daughter Jenni with engineer Dave Haigh

It is very much a family business that was set up by Simon Hare who is ably assisted by daughter Jenni and electronics engineer Dave Haigh.

And their expertise in IT has attracted a wide variety of clients from small to medium-sized businesses, including hospital trusts, schools and solicitors, to private individuals, with most of their work in Tameside, Saddleworth and Oldham.

And whatever your requirements, Ellison IT Services can provide a solution whether it be circuit boards, soldiering or diagnostics. They also sub contract specialist work like network cabling and also television aerials.

It is a sector where developments over the last decade have been huge and Simon can see that continuing in the next 10 years.

Simon, 51, said: “IT is a booming industry and the speed of technological enhancement has been amazing, and is continuing at a rapid pace.

“We have gone from desktop computers, laptops, tablets to getting the same information on your phone.

Simon Hare and daughter Jenni

“The big difference in the last 10 years is the way we communicate and use technology – we have FaceTime, Twitter, WhatsApp. You get children using iPads from a young age.

“Gone also are the days when you backed up information from your compute on a disc – now it is on the Cloud or external hard drive.”

Looking to the future, Simon says the next generation of technology looks like being able to control household appliances and gadgets from mobile phones and also more voice controlled devices.

“I think there will be a lot more integration where you can control the heating and lighting in your home from your phone as well as recording television programme you have forgotten to set,” he continued.

Simon also said customers get better value than ever.

“Prices have not changed a lot in the last 10 years, but you get more for your money,” he explained.

Simon added when they began there were still video recorders and camcorders, but they have disappeared, though he still gets asked for second-hand videos, especially from churches.

He says it is difficult to predict how technology will advance, but not everything has been a success.

“Take 3D televisions which a few years ago were the next great thing, but they are now being fazed out. And who would have thought video recorders would have disappeared,” he explained.

Ellison IT in Mossley

Simon added he can see more television subscriptions being available through the internet, pointing out you can get BT Sports through the internet along with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV.

Dave, who is semi-retired, has worked in televisions since the age of 16 and also seen massive changes.

He said: “You can now carry televisions under your arm whereas they were once huge.

“They are LED and more economical and can run on 160 watts while old televisions were 400/500 watts.”

Jenni, 24, who concentrates on sales and managing the shop, has worked for the business for eight years having initially helped on a Saturday and working part-time while she was at college. She has been full-time since 2012.

They are also assisted by Jenny Maloney when she is home from university.

Simon added having the shop is also an attractive feature.

“Some customers would rather bring things into the shop rather than having them repaired on site so we can do both things,” he said.

Though Ellison IT Services was set up 10 years ago, the company had existed before as it was founded in 1999 as an IT training company in Oldham by Simon’s brother Nigel.

The company had been dormant for some time and Simon, who had taken redundancy from a large American computer company, decided to revive it.

Initially they shared what was a television/audio shop with Trevor Cave, but in 2013 took complete control when he retired.

That side of the business continues, but with more of an emphasis today on computers and IT.


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