Not only Christmas trees coming down in Mossley

A plot of top Mossley land is now less green after the felling of trees following Tameside Council’s decision to auction a site below Greaves Street.

Cut down: where the trees were

The Correspondent’s photos show what the area by Stockport Road looked like prior to the public sale last October and since the new owner took control.

A number of mature trees have been chopped down along with other substantial foliage.

There were no tree preservation orders in place allowing the felling to legally take place.

A Tameside Council spokesperson said: “The trees were not felled by Tameside but by the new owner of the land.

“The land was auctioned by Tameside but, once it was in private hands, TMBC had no say over what happened.

“There were no protection orders on the trees, covenants or planning conditions requiring the trees to be retained.

“Consequently TMBC has no planning enforcement powers available to prevent the new owner from removing them.”

However, fruit trees in the neighbouring Mossley Community Orchard near Cross Street weren’t included in the land sale and have been retained.

“It is always upsetting to see any trees being taken down in Mossley,” said Community Orchard organiser, Rachel Summerscales.

“But once the land was sold into private hands what happened next was out of anyone’s control.”

To partially compensate for the loss of greenery, the Orchard group is planting more trees on Sunday January 14 between 1pm-2pm. Everyone is welcome to lend a hand.


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