Absolute beginners find their feet with Mossley Running Club

MOSSLEY Running Club saw its recent beginners’ group graduate at the Alexandra Park parkrun in Oldham.

The club wanted its own branding of the popular Couch to 5k programme (and also to improve upon it if possible) so asked their members for their input. They decided on the name “Finding Your Feet” which was suggested by member Joe Carroll.

Mossley AFC beginners’ group graduation

The programme was designed by Steve Bates who also headed up the programme. It worked on developing the base fitness, strength and endurance for the runners – in turn this made its goal of running 5k a very achievable one.

Ten new faces, all strangers to each other turned up to the club on a Friday in September for the start of their nine-week programme. The group ran two sessions with the club and also had a homework session each week.

Each week they progressed from walk/running, the running part getting longer each week until such times they were running continuously for 40 minutes.

What was really lovely to see was how these strangers embraced this journey together. They bonded and gelled in their support for each other, a very special thing to see.

Steve said: “Not only was the almost instant camaraderie within the group very apparent, it strengthened week on week. It was an absolute privilege to have been associated with this”.

The wider club membership also offered support at the sessions by buddying up with the new runners offering support.

It culminated on a very cold foggy morning, the group turned up at Oldham parkrun for their graduation run. This was the first time they had run wearing the orange club colours. Many club members also joined them on that day to run alongside them and support them in their first 5k.

A handful of the group were unable to attend so another date was set for a few weeks later and in the same way club members turned up to support the new graduates.

These runners continue to run together but also now run with the wider club joining the planned 5k route that the club offer weekly.

The club may well see some of these graduates running in this year’s Mossley 10k on Sunday, July 15.


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