Mossley Town Councillor wants new town plan to help guide future local development

A MOSSLEY town councillor is calling for the creation of an updated town plan to protect the area from the clutches of developers.

Cllr Dean Aylett

And though any document would not be legally binding, Cllr Dean Aylett believes it would be a useful in providing guidance and also having an influence on planning matters.
“We are missing an opportunity to influence developers which is why I am proposing a group be set up to look at future development,” he told the last meeting of Mossley Town Council.
Cllr Aylett is concerned about the effect the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework will have on Mossley.
He said: “The recent spatial development plan, implemented by the combined authorities, in my opinion will have a huge and lasting impact on the current population of Mossley.
“Most of the impact will be deemed as negative. I have previously quoted as an estimate that 1,000 homes will be built in and around the immediate area within 10 years.
“Developers are already building into that figure largely unopposed as recommendations on past and imminent developments have not been made.
“By inviting the community to form a group, we would then be able to develop a recommendation plan.
“Included in this plan would be the impact on infrastructure, conservation, design, cost, green space, biodiversity study to submit to the developers and the local authority with a simple objective to shape the future of Mossley.”
Cllr Aylett revealed the old town council about 13 years ago commissioned a town plan which contained only brief recommendations about future building.
This town plan was rejected more than two years ago by town councillors as being “outdated”.
He added: “I would like to see a new plan implemented that will take into consideration the infrastructure, conservation, biodiversity, design and green spaces during the next 10 years of building and beyond in Mossley.”
Cllr Aylett would like town councillors and community groups to join forces to create a town plan, something that received backing at the meeting.
Cllr Frank Travis said: “Unless there is a plan in place, it is a lot more difficult to fight planning applications.
“It is about how to form the plan and make it a legal document. It has to fit in with a bigger plan, if not it will be just consultative.”
Cllr Travis promised to “dig out” the old plan that could be used for guidance.
Town councillors agreed to invite Paul Moore, Tameside Council’s head of planning, to their next meeting on Wednesday, February 28 to discuss the matter in more detail.

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