Police target criminals in day of action in Mossley

MOSSLEY was targeted for a second police day of action this month in the war against crime and anti-social behaviour.

Police target criminals in Mossley

Following a similar successful operation last April focused on Waterton Lane, it was decided to target Micklehurst estate this time, though other areas of Mossley were also involved.
While the objective was to target the minority committing crime, there was also another important element – engaging with the local community through social media while 500 leaflets were posted through letterboxes or given to members of the public explaining what was happening.
New Charter’s office on the estate was the hub for that, with Cllrs Frank Travis and Jack Homer on hand, along with representatives from Action Together, to offer advice to residents with issues.
The day of action took two months to plan and was co-ordinated by Mossley neighbourhood beat officer, PC Martin Dench.
It was a multi-agency operation that also involved traffic police, fire service, New Charter and Tameside Council’s licensing officers and the borough’s neighbourhood services.
Mossley Correspondent editor Tony Bugby was invited to observe the day of action that entailed rising before the crack of dawn as everyone assembled at Mossley Fire Station, where the local officers are stationed, at 7am for bacon butties before PC Dench’s briefing in which he set out the objectives for the day.
Three court warrants were to be executed while there were visits by licensing to pubs and off-licences and also immigration checks.
Motorists were also targeted at two checkpoints points set up in Mossley.
Two of the warrants were executed in Micklehurst and drugs were discovered at each property. The third one was in Top Mossley and investigations remain ongoing.
And as a result of speaking to neighbours at one of the houses, officers were made aware of another issue that they are pursuing.
New Charter were also involved because any offences committed are in breach of tenancy agreements.
Police checkpoints were set up on Egmont Street, where there has been a problem with speeding, and Mossley Road.
It resulted in seven vehicles being seized, five for having no tax and two without insurance. One was a skip wagon.
There were two other cases of vehicles with no insurance, one with defective tyres, two drivers using mobile phones, three speeding tickets and five warnings issued about speeding and four vehicles on the road in an unworthy condition.

PC Martin Dench leads the team executing a warrant

Licensing officers paid visits to pubs and off-licenses and one of the developments from the day was a proposal to revive the town’s Pub Watch scheme that had fallen by the wayside.
There were also immigration checks at four locations. They had all been previously visited, but all were clear.
And Tameside Council’s neighbourhood services team also did a litter pick in Micklehurst to tidy up the area.
Fire officers had been due to visit All Saints Primary, Micklehurst, but had to cancel due to being out on a call to an incident during the night.
They were due to warn children about the dangers of staying away from unoccupied buildings and highlighting home safety, including smoke alarms.
Watch manager Gary Phillips said: “We only go into primary schools as an operational crew, community safety advisers go to secondary schools.
“Unfortunately we were called out during the night so couldn’t attend at the time we gave and the school cancelled as they couldn’t accommodate us later in the day.
“Children love it when we go to schools. They want to look at the fire engine and squirt water, which we allow them to do.”
Cllr Travis explained he and Cllr Homer were on hand to pick up on any issues the police found.
He pointed out Micklehurst was a “relatively clean” area.
Cllr Travis added it was not just about crime, but educating the public. He said many of the issue related to people getting into debt and becoming victims of loan sharks.
As chair of Cash Box, a stand alone community financial co-operative, Cllr Travis added Credit Union leaflets were handed out.
He also explained visits have been made to All Saints Primary to encourage young people to save.
There are initiatives like Tameside Council’s Every Child Saver in which youngsters are given £10 to place into a newly-opened account.
PC Dench, reflecting on the day of action, said: “It was a successful with positive results.
“We have received a lot of good feedback and it is something we will be doing again.”

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