Unique five-piece band Woski releases debut EP

WOSKI, a Mossley-based five-piece alternative folk-rock band, is releasing its debut EP.

Mossley band, Woski

Formed at the start of last year by family members Hari, Helena and Wiz joined by good friends Marty and Max, Woski have been gigging regularly since the summer of 2017 and in December went in the studio to record their debut EP.
The EP titled ‘Where Are You Now?’ is due for release through both physical and digital mediums on March 1.
The band has been described as having a psychedelic edge with all original music and lyrics. Fans of anyone from The Byrds to Pink Floyd find the Woski sound appealing.
Switched-on lyrics, smart arrangements and psychedelic in all the right places, the debut EP from Mossley based band Woski is a rallying cry for a more sensitive, positive and emotional connection with the world around us.
Opening with a song, for these, our times, ‘grow on trees’ is a declaration of intent from the band. Exploring issues of injustice and inequality, it’s a clarion call to all to open minds and hearts and to grasp for something higher and more meaningful.
In the wake of this, the group ushers in the plaintive ‘where are you now’, an appeal for a kindred connection.
Midway through the piece, swirling guitars and an insistent beat leads to a beautiful restrained guitar solo before the song resolves and flows to coda.
Next up, ‘Bizarre’ is reminiscent of ‘The Byrds’ during their creative, hallucinatory chapter. It’s a neat song that ponders the great questions of existence before finally offering a definitive answer.
There’s some smart interplay between the instruments. the bass and percussion keep everything steady and create a groove for the words to hang on, while combined male and female vocals lend a dreamy, shimmery, quality to the proceedings.
The penultimate offering ‘Summertime’, makes good use of major and minor seventh chords to produce a piece with a unique sound. Acoustic led, it’s perhaps the most tender number on the EP.
Saving the best till last in this reviewer’s opinion, ‘End of Time’ is no doubt, by now, a firm live favourite.
A memorable melody and an end hook that most bands would kill for, the song builds to a magnificent crescendo of crashing bass and percussion, guitars and rich harmony voices. Haunting lyrics coupled with an emphatic beat drive the music forwards.
We hear the introduction of overdriven electric guitar as the pulse intensifies and kicks up one more time for the hookline, a wordless melody, that will have audiences singing along. A slow fade out brings the EP to a close on what has been an enjoyable and memorable listening experience.
The band members are:
HARI WOSKI: Hari is a rhythmic wonder and charismatic front man and vocalist.
Deep lyrics often sprout from this lad. Formerly in the band The Cosmic Crumpets, Hari achieved infamy recently following his dramatic and memorable appearance on Channel 4’s ‘First Dates’ television show.
HELENA WOSKI: Helena adds a sonic purity and beauty to the band with her backing vocals.
A fine single malt blend alongside Hari’s main vocal. Helena was previously in the bands DoveStone, GhostSong and Orpheus & The Rainbow.
MARTY REVELL: Lead guitarist Marty shreds, umm and adds extra chordal wonders to help the musical world of Woski reach the parts other bands don’t reach.
Marty also creates and produces his own instrumental music of many styles with over 300 original songs under his belt.
MAX WORTHINGTON: Bass guitarist Max, who is from Carrbrook, gives the band a tasty low end to build upon.
Listen out for his pre-gig warm-up licks. Max was also in the band The Cosmic Crumpets with Hari and is currently also in the band Haha Sick.
JON ORPHEUS: Wiz is the percussive genius who gives the band the steady beat it needs to sonically explore the outer realms of reality or otherwise. Former bands: Boom Mantra, DoveStone, Electronic Voice Phenomena, Infinite Void Structure, GhostSong and Orpheus & The Rainbow.
uu Woski are launching the EP at The Bohemian Lounge, Stalybridge, on Friday, March 2 and at Three Minute Theatre in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on Saturday, April 14.
Find further information online at:
www.woskimusic.com or www.facebook.com/woskimusic

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