Special 60th birthday in sight for Anderton Opticians

ANDERTON Opticians has a notable landmark in sight as it is about to celebrate its 60th birthday.

Susan Procter and Ali Akbar

And the ever-expanding practice last year treated 4,000 patients while it has 18,000 names on its computer records.
It is a far cry to when Elizabeth Anderton started her practice at a house on Stamford Road, Top Mossley, in October 1958.
There was just one consulting room and it was only after a move to a purpose-built building on George Street that the practice greatly expanded.
Miss Anderton worked alongside opticians Ali Akbar and Susan Procter, now partners in the business, until she retired in 1998. They have been with the company 38 and 30 years respectively.
Today they are joined by four other members of staff, Andrea Greaves, Karen Smith, Sharon Smith and Tammy Stewart.
Tammy joined Anderton last summer after replacing Margaret Lomax who retired after 50 years with the business.
And such in the company’s longevity that they now frequently test different generations of the same family.
Andrea, a dispensing optician who has worked at Anderton’s for 20 years, said: “We don’t usually advertise but get our business by word of mouth.
“We have patients in Australia and Malta and many parts of the UK who tie in a visit when they return home.”
Miss Anderton, now 87 years of age, also still visits for an eye test when she is back in the area as she lives in South Wales.

The opticians practice on George Street

Andrea says there has been many technological advances, including Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), which are a great advance.
She explained: “The OCT is like an MRI scan, but of the eye. It is similar to ultrasound and provides a 3D image of the eye whereas the traditional photographs were flat.
“Technological improvements make it easier to diagnose conditions like brain tumours, glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, retinal detachments and other issues.
“While we could detect them before, the new equipment makes it easier to spot the signs.”
There has also been great advances in the materials used for contact lenses that are used more widely than ever.
Andrea explained: “Wearing times for contact lenses used to be restricted to allow oxygen into the eye.
“Modern-day materials allow more water content and makes them more breathable. You even get teenagers wearing them, something that rarely used to happen.
“They are a lot more convenient to wear and more people than ever are wearing them.”
Andrea added that while the range of glasses used to be limited, today there are many sizes and colours and they are made of different materials.
uu Anderton currently has a promotion with Essilor in which there is 50 per cent off the second pair of lenses.
For further information go to their website: www.mossleyopticians.co.uk or Facebook page or email: mossleyopticians@aol.com

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  1. Well done Susan.!!! I am proud of you!!!
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