‘Friendly’ Mossley has a welcome for all

AS part of our series highlighting the work of the Mossley Writers’ Group, we spotlight the work of Lauren Garlick for the first piece of 2018.

The Royal George Pub

Lauren moved to Mossley a year ago and here she describes her experiences of becoming a Mossleyite.
“When I first got told I was moving to Mossley from Ashton town centre I was anxious because I was unsure what to expect.
“But after my first year of living here I can see the decision that was made was the right one.
“I find Mossley is a beautiful little village to live in and the community is filled with friendly and polite people.
“When I first visited our local, ‘Roaches Lock’, the staff were friendly and made me very welcome.
“It is one of my favourite places to go, it is beautifully decorated, the food is delicious and the staff give brilliant service every time.
“They treat you more like a friend than a customer.
“I have also been to their live entertainment nights and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
“I love the fact that behind our house we have beautiful scenery to gaze upon and that there is a lovely walk as well along the canal or the bridle path.
“I enjoy walking along these with my dog, Lola, and my mum, Karen.
“The three of us have taken a trip along the bridle path to Greenfield to the Royal George pub, which is dog friendly and is perfect for young dogs to be introduced to other dogs.
“I feel the road I live on also is filled with neighbours who would offer a helping hand whenever it is needed.
“I also attend the Mossley Writing Group with Sophie who hosts it.
“The people I sit with are like me; we share ideas and they encourage me and inspire me to write more.
“I feel Mossley has a good creative spirit because I see people coming out of dance classes, attending performing arts classes and I can hear bands practice and rehearse every night.
“I have even found the bus drivers are friendly to me and will always say ‘good morning’ which brightens up my day.
“I enjoy this because it just shows what kind of people live around this area.
“I have also visited Aurora which had a lovely atmosphere, and the charity shop, Emmaus, was filled with great bargains and the staff were delightful in both places.
“I have to say: all in all, my first year here has made me proud to be part of the community and I cannot wait for many more years to come.”

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