Community chest Mossley Park to benefit from Co-op fund

THE Friends of Mossley Park are delighted to have been selected to receive money from the Co-op’s Local Community Fund.

Members of Mossley Town Team at Mossley Co-op

For the next year, they will receive roughly half the ‘Membership Rewards for your Community’.
Paul Dowthwaite, secretary of the Friends Group, said: “We’d like to say a big thank you to people shopping in the Mossley Co-op, who receive membership benefits.
“We have put up a display to show what sorts things we have done.
“Many will remember some nine years ago, when the Friends of Mossley Park was set up, the park was almost a ‘no-go’ area. It was massively vandalised.
“A huge “mound” of land slip spoil had been dumped next to Mossley Hall on what was the Mayor’s rose garden. At night drug dealers from out of town were active.
“The first action of the Friends Group was to employ security guards with dogs for a limited period.
“Thanks to the continued efforts of the Friends, working with Tameside Council, the park is somewhere to be proud of and to use without fear.
“It certainly is well-used. New metal play equipment was installed with separate facilities for tots.
“Working with the skateboarders, the skate park has been improved. In place of the “mound,” there is an outdoor theatre, the MOAT, where children’s theatre is performed.
“Where there were beds of nettles, there are flower beds.
“Each year, the Friends put on events Picnic in the Park, It’s A Knockout and latterly The Event. This year it will be on Sunday, June 24 as part of the Get Together weekend.
The Friends of the Park will use the Co-op funds to improve the toilets, to create an outdoor classroom together with a small orchard in the bottom park and to provide a picnic area in the top park. Tameside Council is looking to update the play equipment.
The Friends Group is looking for volunteers who will help from time to time in doing the gardening. If you are interested contact Paul Dowthwaite at

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