New Mossley Independent Community Party aims to give locals a louder voice

FOUR Mossley town councillors have formed a new party to try and give independents a louder voice in local politics.

Irene Raddings, Greg Brett, Chris Lyness and Lesley Bill

The Mossley Independent Community Party has been set up by current town mayor Chris Lyness, mayor-elect Irene Raddings, Lesley Bill and Greg Brett.

And on a promotional leaflet it is described as “A Mossley party for Mossley people”.

Cllr Lyness said: “We are a Mossley party for Mossley people and we are non-political. All we are only interested in Mossley issues.

“We have had very positive feedback and have begin a leaflet drop to every home in Mossley to tell people about ourselves.”

Cllr Brett added: “We are totally independent and only have the best interests of Mossley at heart.

“We won’t be told what to do by any of the big political parties.”

The Mossley Independent Community Party, that has been registered with the Electoral Commission, intends to field a candidate in this May’s Tameside Council local elections.

Their leaflet provides background, explaining: “In 1999 Mossley Independent Steering Committee was established to ensure that the town of Mossley was fairly and justly represented within Tameside and so formed Mossley Town Council.

“Their aim was to promote independent representation without bias of any kind and to retain and enhance the community traditions and activities within the town for the benefit of its people.

“As Mossley has evolved on the last 20 years to become a more diverse and collective community, we thought that the steering committee should move forward to enhance a more modern Mossley.

“It was decided to form a new party to represent and promote Mossley within Tameside.

The new party sets out its manifesto:

  • We are not a political party.
  • We are non-political and only interested in Mossley issues which affect Mossley people.
  • We want to secure the future of Mossley.
  • We will stand up to and work with Tameside against any issue or plans that may be detrimental to Mossley.
  • We will promote community groups in Mossley to maintain the uniqueness of our town.
  • We aim to uphold the traditions and heritage of Mossley.

The new party had organised a series of meet and greets in the town to tell residents what they are about. They are at:

  • Wed, Mar 14 (10.30am): Mossley Band Club.
  • Mon, Mar 19 (10.30am and 6.30pm): LLs Kitchen, Manchester Road.
  • Tues, Mar 20 (6.30pm): New Charter office, Mansfield Road.
  • Wed, Mar 21 (10.30am): New Charter office, Mansfield Road.
  • Mon, Mar 26 (7pm): Butchers Arms.

The party will hold an annual meeting on Tuesday, April 3 starting at 7pm at the George Lawton Hall to select a new committee and officials.

Annual membership is £3 and residents can sign up at any of the meet and greet sessions.



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  1. If we had a fair electoral system for local government as in Scotland, going off last week’s election Mossley would be represented by 2. labour and 1. community Ind councillors.

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