Results in from Mossley’s fiercely contested local elections

THE Mossley Independent Community Party, that was formed only one month earlier, finished a “very good second” in May’s local government elections.

Stephen Homer (Lab) celebrates with his son Jack who is also a councillor for Mossley ward

In a fiercely contested Mossley ward, in which there were six candidates, Lesley Bill polled 721 votes to finish runner-up to Stephen Homer who won the seat for Labour as he replaced the retiring Frank Travis. He totalled 1,142 votes.

The Mossley Independent Community Party was only formed in early April, though it was essentially the former steering committee.

“We were a very good second so between now and next year’s elections need to promote the party more,” explained Cllr Bill.

The fact there were six candidates, including two independents, clearly spread the vote and helped Labour retain their seat according to Cllr Bill.

That was accepted by Cllr Bill who said: “It made it more difficult to win compared with seats where there were only two or three candidates.

“However, everyone has a right to put up and they all had their own policies.”

Mossley had one of the highest turnouts in the borough at 32 per-cent which Cllr Bill said demonstrated locals show an interest in the town.

Irene Raddings, a founder member of the Mossley Independent Community Party, added in the space of one month since it was born they had managed to leaflet every home in the town twice, once with a party leaflet and a second for Cllr Bill.

Stephen Homer joined son Jack who already serves on Tameside Council for Mossley ward.

Liam Billington (Cons) elected in Stalybridge South

There were tears after Stephen paid a heartfelt tribute to his son who had been his campaign manager.

And Stephen, who vowed to serve the residents of Mossley, also had words of praise for outgoing Cllr Frank Travis who has retired.

Elsewhere Labour retained Stalybridge North that includes Carrbrook, Heyrod and Ridge Hill, but Sam Gosling is the new councillor as he replaced Kevin Welsh who retired after 23 years as a ward representative.

Conservative Dave Tilbrook was runner-up while Lee Stafford, from the newly-formed Stalybridge Town party, was third.

In Stalybridge South, that included Millbrook, Liam Billington held the seat for the Conservatives as he replaced the retiring Basil Beeley who stood down after 12 years.

Labour’s Katy Flanagan was runner-up and Jennifer Brayne, from Stalybridge Town third.


  • Stephen Homer (Lab) 1,142
  • Lesley Bill (MICP) 721
  • Dean Aylett (Ind) 359
  • Andrew Cooper (Cons) 319
  • Christine Clark (Greens) 174
  • Sally Ashe (Lib Dems) 86
  • Turnout 32 per-cent
Sam Gosling (Lab) in Stalybridge North

Stalybridge South

  • Liam Billington (Cons) 1,233
  • Katy Flanagan (Lab) 834
  • Jennifer Brayne (Staly Town) 582
  • Amanda Hickling (Greens) 106
  • Turnout 32 per-cent

Stalybridge North

  • Sam Gosling (Lab) 1,123
  • Dave Tilbrook (Cons) 831
  • Lee Stafford (Staly Town) 666
  • Laura Dias de Almeida (Greens) 105
  • Hugo Wils (Communist League) 6
  • Turnout 29 per-cent


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