Police investigate claims motorist drove at stewards at Mossley Whit Walks

POLICE are investigating an incident at Mossley’s Whit Walks when it is claimed a motorist drove at stewards who were marshalling the route.

A stand-off took place between the car driver and stewards who were preventing him travelling along Stamford Road from Top to Bottom Mossley.

Cllr Jack Homer, one of the stewards involved, explained the driver refused to heed their instructions and was determined to continue.

He said: “When it became clear he was set to continue, I unsuccessfully tried to take the keys from the ignition.

“A number of stewards were stood in front of the car when he started to drive off forcing them to flee.”

Laura Wimbush, one of those stood in front of the car, said she was left “shaking” after the incldent.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: “At just before 11am on Friday, May 25 we received a report of a failed-to-stop collision on Stamford Road, Mossley, between a car travelling slowly and a couple of pedestrians.

“There were no visible injuries and we are trying to get more details and enquiries are ongoing.”

Anybody with more information should ring 101 quoting reference number 699 of Friday, May 25.

Locals of all ages took to the streets on Whit Friday despite the poor weather to enjoy the Walks of Witness with churches in the morning.

Then in the afternoon and evening, bands stepped out across Mossley and Tameside for the annual popular brass band contests at various venues.


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