Last dance for Morris Men?

MOSSLEY Morris Men can trace its history back to the 1800s but is now facing its final dance.

Mossley Morris Men at a recent event

The team is making one last appeal for new members so it can move forward for the foreseeable future.

And they are planning a last swansong on home territory before hanging up their waistcoats and handkerchiefs.

Martin Simpson is president of the group that re-formed in 1981.

“At a recent meeting, we had to face up to the fact that we could no longer field a team,” explained Martin.

“And we are not really in a position to accept bookings or, sadly, appear at the local civic events we used to support.

“The main problem is that, without new recruits, and with the advanced age, health concerns and demands on the time of the existing dancers, they can rarely field a team.


The Morris Men in 1988

“Rather than fold, the team decided it would turn out on just one occasion in the year and carry out a tour of the local pubs and make it a special day of dance.

“The day chosen is Sunday, September 23. We hope the community will come out and support us.
“Obviously we would welcome new members but realistically we need quite a few.”

Despite their dwindling numbers, the group donated £200 to the Mayor of Mossley’s charity for deserving local volunteers.

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