Fire forces school closure for an extra day

HEADTEACHER Deborah Brown spoke about the dilemma of closing Buckton Vale Primary School, Carrbrook, this morning (Thursday) less than two hours after announcing it would reopen.

Buckton Vale Primary School situated in Carrbrook

Mrs Brown arrived at school at 6.30am and, after monitoring the situation, made the decision at 7am the school would open as there were no issues.

However, a new pocket of fire broke out in woodland close to the school at 8.30am causing the air quality to markedly deteriorate.

She said: “The problem was that circumstances changed so quickly.

“By 8.50am a number of staff were struggling through the effects of the smoke and I had a difficult decision to make as most of the children were already in school.

“We had to contact parents to collect their children. There has been a wonderful community spirit and everyone has been so supportive.”

Mrs Brown added it was far easier deciding to shut the school on Wednesday given the dramatic scenes as the village was under threat from the encroaching blaze.

“I was on Calico Crescent on Tuesday night monitoring the situation and it was scary,” she added.

Mrs Brown said a decision will be made tomorrow (Friday) as to whether Saturday’s summer fair will go ahead.

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