Samaritan Mossley Hollins students remain a mystery

THREE pupils from Mossley Hollins High School became guardian angels when an elderly man fell while crossing the road.

Mossley Hollins High School

Headmaster Stuart Marshall was informed of their heroics from a parent, but says they still don’t know who the girls are.

The parent said: “I was driving to collect my son from school.

“I stopped at the lights at Three Counties Road. Three female pupils, about year nine/10 were at the lights, two with long dark hair one with hair in a bun.

“An elderly man was also crossing and he stumbled and fell in the road dropping his shopping.

“One of the pupils held back the traffic while the other two helped the man very gently to his feet and across to the pavement.

“One pupil then went back and gathered the shopping while the other brushed down the knees of the man’s trousers and helped him to put his arm back into his coat.

“I felt so proud. The girls treated him with such care and respect. They were a credit to you, their families and school.”

Other pupils were also praised by another member of the public who contacted the school to commend their behaviour.

The anonymous person wrote: “We got on the 343 bus down Staley Road which quite a number of your students were on also.

“Two offered to stand up to allow me to sit down and then a further two students also stood up so my grandchildren could sit down.

“I just wanted to say how pleasant and polite they all were and a credit to the school. There was good behaviour displayed all round.”

Mr Marshall said in the school’s Newsflash newsletter he was “saddened” to read reports of anti-social behaviour in Mossley.

The headteacher, who has even joined police teams patrolling the streets of Mossley in the evening to identify youngsters causing trouble, added he reinforced executive headteacher Drew Duncan’s message in an earlier newsletter that they take their social and community responsibilities very seriously.

Mr Duncan wrote: “If a child misbehaves, is anti-social or is a public nuisance out of school, the primary responsibility is theirs and they should face the consequences.

“The second responsibility is parents. As parents, we all aim to make sure our children are wonderful citizens, even when we are not watching them.

“The next responsibility lies with the school. If you are ever concerned about anti-social behaviour from a student at our school, even it if is in the evenings, weekends or holidays and you have some evidence for us, please contact us at the earliest convenience.

“We will always do what is in our power to help.

“We work closely with the police, residents, shop keepers and PCSOs, sometimes even on police panels.”

Mr Duncan also referred to visits from former pupils, explaining: “The list of wonderful stories makes me so proud: university, successful apprenticeships, legal practice, sporting prowess, the arts, engineering jobs, a new career in Australia, and – in some cases – a desire, because of their fond memories of their time with us, to become secondary school teachers.

“In fact, we have on our staff one such former pupil. So many of our support staff are former pupils too.

“It is not only once a student leaves that they become ‘alumni’ (honorary members of the Mossley Hollins team for life), even while students are still with us, they are still ours in the holidays, the weekends and the evenings.

“We have had some wonderful comments from the public/parents writing about the spontaneous good deeds of your children when out in the community.”

Mr Duncan explained how they can help if a minority of children let the school down in the evenings: “We expect children and parents to take the main responsibility though, just as we do in school time. But do not hesitate to get in touch.

“We even work with the headteachers of our neighbouring secondary schools when a student of theirs has been a nuisance or anti-social in our town.

“It is just as lovely to read of the good deeds so many of our wonderful young people do in the town every single week and for no reward, just because they are great young people with high moral standards.

“For those who let their parents or us down, we are also keen to help: if you don’t let us know, such children will only get worse and their futures will not be bright and the town will suffer.”

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