Micklehurst All Saints continues to blossom

MICKLEHURST All Saints have used £20,000 of lottery funding to complete two projects at their school.

A new outdoor learning centre for a planting and growing as well as a reflection area have recently been created.

And according to headteacher Laura Trelfa it is part of the school’s ethos that is not simply classroom-based learning but with an emphasis on outdoor learning, fitness and well-being.

The school has a strong focus on the emotional and mental well-being of children with the reflection area the latest initiative.

Year two pupils took part in a growing outside project in which they learned about producing vegetables.

They also built a bug hotel and discussed what would be attracted.

The nursery has also this year hatched four ducklings and children voted to keep them rather than returning them to a farm.

They have a new home in the nature and wildlife reserve and children and staff take turns looking after them every day, including weekends and holidays.

The latest developments follow up on two further lottery-funded developments.

A nature reserve was created in 2014 at a cost of £10,000 and one year later a £20,000 multi-surface pitch was built.

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