Green areas could become community hubs thanks to fencing

PLOTS of land at Egmont Street and Cosgrove Gardens, Mossley, are more likely to become community hubs now that both have been fenced off.

Tameside Council has put new barriers around the areas after being asked by the town’s three councillors.

It may not sound like much but Councillor Taf Sharif, who led the Cosgrove Gardens initiative, says it can have a huge effect.

She believes instead of people knocking around there up to no good, it could become a place where residents can gather for picnics, generating more of a feel-good factor around the area.

Cllr Sharif said: “Cosgrove Gardens was one of 56 pieces of land that were going to be sold off but a massive campaign, supported by councillors, started to save that piece of land and we were successful.

“It is still owned by Tameside Council but there are ongoing talks about how the community can take responsibility and ownership.

“We need a community hub and some of the neighbours have used it to have picnics.

“We asked Tameside if it was possible to put some fencing around it, and it’s been done fairly speedily – in about three months.

“Now it’s been done, we’ll definitely use it for more community events – it can now become a community hub.

“We can have more picnics on it, and it’s really nice to see. The community can certainly utilise it better. People can now tell kids that it’s a good area to go on and that’s great.

“Picnics being organised can be great for many reasons. They can generate more community spirit but can also help tackle some other problems in society like isolation.

“The fencing also makes it more obvious and makes it better from a safety perspective, as well as being more aesthetically pleasing.”

Similar work has taken place at Egmont Street after Cllr Stephen Homer asked the council for funds and Cllr Sharif admits its response has been quick.

She added: “Children will feel safer now it has been fenced off and the council acted quite quickly on it.

“Sometimes there is a feeling that Mossley doesn’t get the investment but on these occasions, councillors requested it and got it.

“It’s only a small amount but it makes a big difference.”

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