Town councillor urges action against troublesome potholes

RESIDENTS are being urged to report pothole-strewn roads, that have been likened to a third world country, to their local councillors.

Mossley Town Council’s Cllr Dean Aylett had already launched his initiative before the borough’s road received a slating in the annual pothole survey for Greater Manchester by the Federation of Small Businesses.

Huddersfield Road, that links Stalybridge and Mossley, was named Tameside’s worst road for a third successive year.

Rather than individuals reporting potholes directly to Tameside Council, Cllr Aylett believes there will be added clout if it is done through local politicians.

Cllr Aylett said: “I want to encourage Mossley residents to report on the conditions of the roads and pavements around their area or any area that they feel is particularly unworthy to Mossley Town Council.

“They will then highlight the areas of concern and submit to the local authority for action.”

Cllr Aylett has become increasingly concerned about the condition of roads.

He explained: “Over a period of time, the roads and pavements in and around Mossley have deteriorated into a poor state of repair, or as one resident stated almost third world!

“The actioning local authority (Tameside Council) has an endless and thankless task in attempting to fulfil its service charter commitment with resources stretched.

“It has patched up some with temporary repairs, but roads are generally in a poor state and dangerous in a lot of cases.

“This is where I believe Mossley Town Council can assist the authority and the general public.

“By encouraging residents to send any concerns into Mossley Town Council for consideration, the Town Council could then submit a report raising concerns which would be actioned under the service charter commitment for actioning within 24 hours, 14 days or adding to the ongoing maintenance plan.

“This will aid the local authority while also creating a transparent accountability plan for residents to access progress reports.”

Cllr Aylett says email him at: or contact any other local councillors with reports, and photographs if available, of potholes that need fixing.

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