Sew far, so good for new Mossley business

FORMER work colleagues Pauline Walsh and Debbie James have stitched themselves together to create a new business in Mossley.

The Sewing Room, ideally situated in the main crossroads in Top Mossley, only opened at the beginning of September.

The Sewing Room is situated in Mossley having opened in September

In the short time since then, business has increased each week as word spread of the services they offer – altering clothes and dress making – something they believe is not available elsewhere in the town.

Pauline, who like Debbie has been in the trade for more than 30 years, said: “We believe we are unique in Mossley in what we offer.

“And a lot of our customers mentioned they would have to go into Ashton as there is no other similar business in the town.

“We have been really well received and there is a lovely community spirit in the town.”

Pauline and Debbie, who met while working in a bridalwear shop in Ashton, both wanted to set up on their own so joined together.

They are based in the former motibility scooter shop on Stamford Street and have state-of-the-art digital industrial sewing machines that are far removed to the antique one they have on display.

Mother-of-four Pauline and Debbie, who has three children, offer a full range of clothing alterations whether everyday items, holiday or even attire for school proms, and also dress making, including bridalwear.

“A lot of repair shops avoid wedding and bridesmaids dresses as they are risky, but we use our skills across the board,” explained Debbie who lives in Diggle.

They can also make and alter curtains and they are also sell dress making and sewing patterns and haberdashery, including bobbins of cotton.

“Not everybody shops online and I would rather go into a shop for something like that,” explained Pauline who is from North Manchester.

They have already done one interesting job, making nuns’ costumes for a dance company based at Woodend Mill, Mossley.

Pauline, who has also worked as a freelance seamstress, added her most challenging ever job was making a costume for a drag queen in Manchester.

“It was difficult as a man is so broad compared to a woman so I had to adapt the pattern, another skill. I remember that as it wasn’t an everyday job,” she said.

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