Morris Men are saved to dance another day

THE handkerchiefs are out again for Mossley Morris Men but not as initially feared to wipe away a few tears for their farewell tour.

Mossley Morris Men

Instead, the team has pulled back from the brink of extinction to dance its way through the town once more.

The Correspondent reported in June how the group, which can trace its history back to the 1800s, was close to folding with a farewell appearance planned for September.

Instead, however, of a last dance the Morris Men have put their best feet forward on a mini revival tour.

“It was a very successful day,” said Mossley president Martin Stimpson.

“We had up to 12 dancing in our revised kit of flat caps, white shirts and black trousers as we did in the early 1900s.”

The group were joined by Manchester Morris Men.

“An interesting fact in our history is that following the Second World War, after Mossley MM had folded with lack of dancers, members of Manchester Morris came to Mossley,” explained Martin.

“They collected the dances from the few remaining members and many years later taught the dances in 1981 to the revived Mossley side.

“This time we have had a new influx of younger members and the team is now looking forward to performing more in the future.”

The revival tour started on the market ground before moving onto the Billy Goat, the Church Inn; the New Bridge before finishing at the Stamford, Heyheads.

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