Mossley business calls for fix to leaky sewer

A MOSSLEY business believes something needs to be done as it has been plagued for months by effluent seeping from a broken sewer.

Geoff Law, co-director of Lokfast on Audley Street, has had to contend with the smell and problems of ‘foul water’ leaking from a pipe close to his premises.

But because the problem lies on private land, United Utilities cannot repair it – and the owners, Bremstone Properties, have showed no sign of fixing it either.

“I’m just sick of it,” said the 67-year-old, who makes nuts, bolts and screws and exports them all over the world.

“It’s becoming an environmental issue now.

“It first started early this year, about March time and sometimes when you get to the gate early in the morning you can smell it.

“It was even bubbling up out of the hole but still nothing has been done.

“Pretty much all we’ve had from the landowners is a wall of silence”.

United Utilities visited the site of the problem and are believed to have confirmed the problem is ‘foul water’ or as one worker is thought to have put it, ‘sewage.’

“They came and dug a hole, exposing a broken drain,” Geoff added.

“Water was gushing out of it but because it’s on private land they couldn’t repair it – so they filled the hole in without doing anything to it!

“They also tested the water and they said it’s definitely foul water.

“I asked them if they meant sewage and the reply was yes but because it’s a private drain, it’s not their responsibility.

“But soon it will be winter with poor weather and lots of rain.

“We had flooding very near here, what is going to happen if it happens again and the problem is not fixed?”

Geoff, who lives in Stalybridge and has worked for Lokfast for about 20 years, has made Tameside Council aware of the problem but the private landowner is creating the same problem.

“I’ve even suggested that I sort it myself,” he continued.

“I said I can get a digger in and do the work, but why should I?

“I want it repairing and above all, someone to take responsibility for it. It’s not too big a job but it’s not going to get any better.”

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