Train performances at Mossley ranked fourth worst in country

A NEW study has revealed Mossley rail commuters have had a raw deal as it has had the fourth worst train performance in the country over the last six months.

Mossley train station ranked fourth worst in the country

That is something that resonates with passengers and Andrew Holstead, secretary of the Friends of Mossley Station, who concurs with the findings.

He said: “Many people will have seen recent news about Mossley’s train services. Information from the website On Time Trains has shown Mossley had the fourth worst performance in the entire country over the last six months.

“Looking at overall performance – numbers of services, punctuality and cancellations – Mossley came 2,614th out of 2,618 stations in Britain.

“And according to data from on time trains, in the last four weeks of services at Mossley:

• Only six per cent of trains were actually on time

• 34 per cent of trains were between five and nine minutes late

• 24 per cent of trains were delayed by 10 minutes or more

• Seven per cent of trains were cancelled.

“We have, of course, been used to late running trains but the situation is actually far worse. In the last four weeks, some 119 trains have been cancelled Monday-Saturday.

“It is hugely disappointing that the train services continue to be so bad. While Trans-Pennine Express, and to a lesser extent Northern, apologise for the ‘inconvenience caused’, passengers face very real and significant problems.

“This is a disaster for people trying to use the train to go about their daily business. It is not just making people a bit late for work or school pick-ups, it is affecting people’s lives.

“People are reaching the limits of their endurance and ability to cope with the disruption. Time and time again I hear people on the train who say their only option is going to be drive to Ashton or Stalybridge, get another job or even move house to where there are better services.

“We understand things do sometimes go wrong, but when they do, TPE seem to be unable, or unwilling, to do anything about it.

“Despite clear assurances at a public meeting in early May at George Lawton Hall that they would implement stop-orders to minimise disruption, TPE seem most reluctant to do so.

Mossley Train Station

“Instead they seem happy to run express trains non-stop and leave the passengers from Mossley, Greenfield and the other local stations stranded for at least an hour or make their own way onwards.”

Passengers are also concerned about December timetable changes when four of Mossley’s morning services to Manchester (at 48 minutes past the hour) will be axed, as well the early evening service which currently leaves Piccadilly at 17.17.

FOMS have been in contact with Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham to get his support.

Mr Holstead continued: “Recently I asked the mayor at Question Time what he was doing to safeguard people’s livelihoods. We continue to try and work with the mayor.

“TPE have stated the changes in December will help to make the timetable more reliable – we can only hope that they are correct.”

Mr Holstead added, by contrast, the figures for Epsom Station – in the secretary of state’s constituency of Epsom and Ewell – in the last four weeks show:

• 55 per-cent of trains were on time

• Nine per-cent of trains were between five and nine minutes late

• Four per-cent of trains were delayed by 10 minutes or more

• Three per-cent of trains were cancelled.

“We can only speculate what the response of the secretary of state would be if his constituents faced the same poor levels of service as do the passengers trying to use Mossley station,” he said.

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  1. Could you share a link to the full survey? I would like to read it. I use the trains 4-5 days a week and I resent it. It costs me around £1300 a year and I feel like a 3rd class citizen. Not one thing has improved since the timetable swap in may. Its disgusting

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