Mossley Town Council updates

CORRESPONDENT editor Tony Bugby brings a round-up of news from last month’s meeting of Mossley Town Council.

MONEY could be available to help fund the creation of a Mossley neighbourhood plan that would influence developments in the town.

Town councillor Dean Aylett suggested the town plan and has created a working group to explore it further.

One of the obstacles was the cost as it was suggested the expense could be prohibitive.

Now councillors have learned that possible funding is available – up to £9,000 for the basic ground preparation and up to £8,000 for technical aid.

Once work has legally started on a neighbourhood plan, Mossley town councillors were told at their last meeting Tameside Council will be compelled to provide support, though not financial.

Councillors heard it would be a “serious financial commitment” by the Town Council to create a neighbourhood plan.

They deferred the item as Cllr Aylett was not present at the meeting.

MOSSLEY Town Council provided the funding for a Remembrance Sunday tradition to be revived.

Councillors agreed to stump up £175 plus VAT so a maroon could be fired to mark the beginning of the two-minute silence.

The request came from John Smith, of the Royal British Legion, as this was the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

Mr Smith told the council meeting firing a maroon, likened to a giant firework, had been a tradition until it was stopped some years ago on health and safety grounds.

He requested it be introduced of this important anniversary and councillors agreed to pay after learning Manchester Fireworks can provide two maroons, two operatives and public liability insurance for £175 plus VAT.

TOWN councillors have provided up to £300 towards St George’s Mossley 100 Project.

The money will go towards the production of a document recording ‘The Men of Mossley’ who served and gave their lives during the First World War.

Mossley Community Association was handed a £300 grant by the Town Council to construct and repair the disabled ramp and decking area at the community centre and also construct raised beds in the community area.

MICKLEHURST will receive a free Christmas tree from Tameside Council, but Mossley will not.
It is all down to the size of the Christmas lights switch-on celebrations.

Micklehurst is considered “small scale” so is eligible for a free tree, but Mossley is not so Tameside Council will not provide one.

THE last meeting of the Town Council only just went ahead after only three of the nine town councillors attended.

A quorum of three was needed for the meeting to proceed and the only town councillors present were Irene Raddings, Jack Homer and Amy-Louise Connolly.

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