Mossley Hollins issue safety warning following incident

MOSSLEY Hollins High School has issued safety advice to students following an incident involving a student as he made his way home.

Mossley Hollins High School

It came to light when the mother of the boy posted a warning on Facebook, part of which read: “My son was walking home from school yesterday when a white van (transit size) abruptly pulled up near the Liberal Club on Micklehurst Road.

“A man jumped out of the back and chased him all the way to Raja Bros on Staley Road.”

PCSO Karl Lisic said: “I have spoken to the mother of the boy. We are aware what happened and are monitoring the situation.

“We will be putting on extra patrols and ask the public to be vigilant. If they see anything suspicious they ought to call 101 or 999 in an emergency.”

Mossley Hollins issued the following advice on its social media.

It read: “We were informed by a parent of some suspicious behaviour involving a white transit van and a student from Mossley Hollins on the way home from school on Tuesday afternoon (Nov 27). Parents were advised to contact the police, which they have now done.

Students are advised to:

* Take extra care when travelling to and from school, reporting any suspicious incidents to parents who in turn should contact school and the police.

* Where possible not to travel alone.

* To be aware of surroundings, not wearing headphones or distracted by mobile devices.

Please note that there are a large number of white vans in use in the area which are involved in normal business or leisure activities and not in any way are they involved in suspicious activity. However, if you do have concerns please share these with the police immediately.”

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