Vandals strike pay-and-display machine in Mossley car park

A WOMAN fears those responsible for torching a machine at a pay-and-display car park may strike again.

And Deborah Bradley says she has been left without a place to park her car at night, other than at the bottom of a steep hill.

She also believes Tameside Council should make sure a CCTV camera that has been installed to look over the site works.

Deborah was left wondering what was going on when she saw a huge flash after waking up at 3.30am and the machine at the nearby Mill Street car park in Mossley was ablaze.

Fire crews soon attended and put the fire out on November 19 but the after-effects are still being felt.

And Deborah is concerned that whoever was behind the incident may strike again elsewhere, with potentially even bigger consequences.

Deborah, 49, of Yorkshire Terrace, said: “We have to park our cars there normally because we live on a steep hill that’s a narrow one-way street.

“Normally, my car is near where the machine is, so it’s lucky that that night the four cars normally on there were over near the houses.

“Now we have to park on Waggon Road, which is at the bottom of the hill and it’s not ideal if you’ve got shopping to bring in.

“We had to pay £1 per day to park our cars near our home. That’s £14 a week as we have two vehicles.

“And since the fire knocked the machine out, the car park is always packed as people can use it for free.

“People who are heading to Mossley train station just leave their cars there and we can’t get on it.”

Deborah believes she saw someone loitering in the area and says firemen told her 90 per cent of those responsible hang about the scene of their crime.

She also claims people were caught in the early hours draining petrol from a car parked close to her home.

And she believes the area, which lies behind the row of shops on Manchester Road in Bottom Mossley, has been prone to vandals and thieves after being informed a CCTV camera there does not work.

She added: “I had just woken up to take my son to work as he starts at 4am but we didn’t have any noise of anyone putting anything around the machine, there was a tyre and two pallets found around it.

“My husband just saw a flash and said, ‘You’d better ring the fire brigade.’

“After that and once the fire brigade went, the police didn’t attend. I stayed up for what must’ve been half an hour, just to see if anyone was knocking around.

“There’s always been something going on there. Not so long ago another car was broken into and there’s no camera coverage of it.

“There is a camera there but the police said it wasn’t working. For Tameside Council’s own benefit, as much as anything, would it be better to get the camera working again?

“It’s going to cost them a fortune to replace the ticket machine. Surely it’s better and cheaper to have a working camera?

“It could’ve been much more serious. What if there was a child nearby or something?

“There’s a similar machine up at the market ground in Top Mossley and there are other places that could be targeted.”

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