Encouraging crime stats as police step up commercial burglaries investigation

A NUMBER of unsolved commercial burglaries are top of the agenda issues for Mossley’s crime fighters.

PC Martin Dench

Restaurants Lal Quilla and The HoHo, both on Manchester Road, plus a bridalwear shop have been targeted by intruders.

And in the latest incident, Pattisons butchers was broken into between midnight and 5am, December 16-17.

Despite the incidents and other crimes that have taken place in the last six weeks “Mossley is a good place to be.”

That was the message from Greater Manchester Police sergeant Neil Tolley to members of Mossley Town Council at its December meeting.

Sgt Tolley, PC Martin Dench and PCSO Karl Lisic addressed councillors to outline the level of recent crime in the area.

Sgt Tolley, who also works in Stalybridge, Dukinfield and Ashton, told them: “When I have an oversight into things that effect the community around Tameside, Mossley is not a bad place to be.

“I have worked in other places, including Benchill in Wythenshawe, and that could be a tough place.

“It’s not to gloss over or ignore but Mossley is a good place to be from what I can see.

“One thing we have looked at are these commercial burglaries and our intelligence analysis is going to look at that and see if we can form any patterns from it.

“We will do what we can but we also need eyes and ears in the community to help us.

“If you see or hear anything suspicious get in touch. We would rather have a false call with good intent.

“We would rather go and nothing came of it than not be told at all.

“We don’t have as many people out as we used to but we would rather know something so we can chase it up. So please tell us.

“And again it is not to take attention away from it, far from it, but the burglary issue is not the concern it is in other areas of Greater Manchester.”

PC Dench said the stats from the beginning of November were encouraging and suggested work throughout the community was paying dividends.

“If you look at crime stats that effect the community-burglaries for example, we were low on residential burglaries,” he said.

“There were about five but only two of three were what we would call genuine breaks.

“There were six incidents of anti-social behaviour, some around fireworks, which you would expect at this time of year.

“Our only concern are the break-ins at the commercial premises.

“But I have an idea where to look at and intend to do some visits.”

PC Dench outlined work with Jigsaw and visits to Mossley Hollins School as part of the local crime fighting initiatives.

“We have put messages out to residents to be mindful at this time of the year.”

“Don’t advertise property might be empty,” suggested Sgt Tolley.

“Keep the lights on and shut the curtains. Make it as difficult as possible for anyone to commit a crime.”


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