Cabbage dreams of home-town gig at Seel Park

MOSSLEY band Cabbage has revealed its dream – to headline a gig at Seel Park.

Cabbage pay visit to Emmaus

And it gave the town some national exposure with a guide on BBC radio station 6 Music.

Co-founder Lee Broadbent gave a rundown to his hometown early on Monday morning, as well as mentioning several pubs, landmarks and familiar faces.

He also told how it is an ambition to perform at the home of Mossley AFC.

He said: “Hopefully it will be a place we can put on a headline show at some point, depending on how the chairman feels about that.

“We haven’t even begun to make discussions yet but one can only hope.”

As well as talking about playing a concert at Seel Park, Lee told of his love of several of the town’s highlights – including its folk.

Emmaus and Mossley Heritage Centre, particularly its exhibition detailing the women who walked to Peterloo, also received glowing praise on Chris Hawkins’ show at about 6.15am.

On the Hometown Glory segment, he described the mill shared by both as the ‘beating heart of Mossley’ and also discussed Woodend Mill, where Cabbage rehearse alongside several other musicians and artists.

He also told how some Mossley ‘colourful and interesting’ residents are a feast for the eyes and ears.

He said: “You may see Stuart playing a pan flute on Winterford Road or you could see Martin, a bus driver from Germany, walking his dog while swearing profusely or if you’re very lucky, you could bump into Mossley’s most revered artist, Chris Cyprus, floating about.

“But the pinnacle of seeing Mossley and its residents would be seeing Badger on a Friday night in The Commercial doing karaoke.

“It’s truly Mossley’s gem and highlight of entertainment.”

As well as saying how Pots and Pans and a lay line running close to it gives Mossley and surrounding villages their energy, Lee talked fondly of his home.

“Mossley residents wear their pride on their sleeve,” he said.

“They still talk about the fantastic FA Trophy final defeat at Wembley in 1980.

“Being at the foot of Manchester, Mossley was an active cotton mill town, which is why the public houses are so densely spread through such a small area and so regularly visited.

“Two of the mills, one being Woodend, have survived and make up two of Mossley’s hotspots – and people brew up their potions of alchemy.”

Broadbent’s piece sparked a reaction, with people fondly remembering growing up in or near Mossley.

Nights out in pubs including the Billy Goat and the Blazing Rag were also brought up.

However, one fact escaped him – why is Mossley Brew called Mossley Brew?

He said: “I don’t think anyone actually knows why. There’s a road leading up to Top Mossley called Mossley Brow but in regards of Brow becoming Brew, that’s the best I’ve got I’m afraid.”

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