Copy that! Council grant is music to the ears for Mossley Band

MOSSLEY Band’s plea for financial help did not fall on deaf ears at the December meeting of Mossley Town Council.

Councillors agreed a £300 grant application submitted towards the cost of a replacement photocopier.

They heard how the Argyle Street Band’s current 15-year-old machine was approaching the end of its life.

“We have been told whatever goes wrong now can’t be replaced,” Lynn Riley, who was accompanied by chair David Johnson, told councillors. 

“We can only use the black cartridge but once anything else packs up that’s it.”

The Band plans to purchase a four year-old show room model that costs £800.

Cllr Chris Lyness asked how the additional £500 was going to be funded.

“We have done a lot of carolling jobs this month and money raised from those will go into band funds. 

“We never expected this to break down and not be able to replace the parts.

“You just have the money on one side to help. 

“We are always fund raising because it could be a uniform, a piece of music or even an instrument that needs repair.”

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