Residents ready to continue fight against new application for nine-bed house in Mossley

RESIDENTS are bracing themselves for a new fight against a house of multiple occupancy at 35 Stamford Road, Mossley.

The house on Stamford Road

Landlord Andrew Rothwell has made a new application for a nine-bedroomed HMO.

It came after an earlier application was turned down by Tameside Council’s planning committee’s speakers’ panel and an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate was also thrown out.

Grant Erskine Architects, who represented Mr Rothwell, made an initial application for a 10-bedroomed HMO which was later amended to nine bedrooms.

Mossley’s Cllr Tafheen Sharif, who represented residents, asked for that application to go to the speakers’ panel to make a decision.

She said: “I presented a case against it due to many concerns and anomalies including cramped living conditions, lack of a management plan, noise and disturbance to neighbouring occupiers etc.

“Quite rightly the application was rejected.

“The landlord subsequently appealed to the Planning Inspectorate and simultaneously submitted a new planning application to Tameside Council, which is exactly the same as the first application, save for a management plan.”

Cllr Sharif, along with a resident, made lengthy representatives at the appeal.

She continued: “We have recently received the good news that this appeal has been rejected by the inspectorate, which I must say doesn’t happen often.

“This news on the failed appeal is a brilliant outcome and a victory for affected residents, for Mossley and the borough. It just goes to show what you can achieve.”

However, Tameside Council has yet to make a decision about the new application.

Cllr Sharif added a decision could be made either by an officer using delegated powers or, failing that, she has requested it be determined by a planning committee speakers’ panel.

• Residents have won their battle against plans to build a new home near to 5 Brookfields, Mossley.

The proposal for the development, which is at the back of Egerton Street, Manor Road and Carrhill Road, was initially for three houses which was later amended to one.

Cllr Sharif, who was backed by Cllrs Jack and Stephen Homer, said: “I am pleased to share the good news that development has been refused.

“The grounds for the refusal were based primarily on access, loss of open space, impact on highway safety and loss of amenity trees.

“This was exactly what residents informed us when councillors conducted our roving surgery months ago, and from subsequent objections we received. Access in particular was a major concern.”

• Cllr Sharif also gave an update on another possible development at Brookfields, this time with access from Vernon Street, with the opposition spearheaded by Cllr Stephen Homer.

She said: “Although a planning application has not yet been submitted for this land, the land owner is now conducting a further consultation.

“A letter was previously sent to seek people’s views before the application goes in.

“At the time, as councillors, we attended residents’ homes and spoke about the concerns.

“Reading this follow-up letter it appears that the landowner has tweaked things and is asking for further feedback before submitting an application.

“Concerns around access, flooding etc are still valid and therefore Mossley’s Labour councillors will continue to oppose this development and work hard to have the application rejected as it stands.”

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