Ex councillor urges better provision and consideration for blue badge owners

A FORMER town councillor has made a plea for “inconsiderate” motorists not to use the town’s disabled parking spaces.

Cllr Claire Hardisty is urging inconsiderate motorists not to use the disabled spaces in the town

Claire Hardisty also argues Mossley has not made enough provision for people with disabilities.
Claire’s life changed forever after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

But the one-time Lancashire ward Independent councillor says drivers flouting blue badge regulations and a lack of suitably located disabled spaces has further impacted on her chances of coping with the disease.

Claire, who stood down from Mossley Town Council two years ago, largely relies on husband Dave to help her maintain contact with friends and complete day-to-day activities she previously took for granted.

A recent trip to the Co-op on Arundel Street was a tipping point to highlight issues caused by car owners breaking parking rules.

“For someone like me who was very much part of the community, it suddenly feels like my wings have been clipped,” she told the Correspondent.

“My only ways of getting out again are getting less and less.

“I always knew there were problems but now I don’t get out much these days.

“When I do, if I can’t get parked, we just go home and I order what I want online.

“It happens a lot where people pull into the disabled spaces because they are in bigger cars which can’t fit into normal spaces.

“They will also park in parent and child spaces.

“This guy in a Jaguar parked because there was extra room and he didn’t want anyone to bump his car. That’s not what the space is there for.

“People are inconsiderate and don’t think what impact it is having.”

“But parking all over Mossley is an issue and it does seem it has been an after thought.

“There are two disabled spaces at the station but only one with bit of extra room.

“The other has a bollard halfway in it. So it’s just really like a token effort.

“There is the car park off Mill Street, behind the shops on Manchester Road. But I can’t walk up that hill and there’s no way other disabled people can.

“There are a lot of issues. There is parking on the market ground.

“But the idea of having disabled spaces near the George Lawton Hall is because there are some people who can’t make that extra journey.

“So they need to be kept clear and not used by drivers going across the road to the butty shop.

“My mum has had a disabled badge for years and I saw the impact on her.

“But I didn’t really realise until it happens to you.

“You see how difficult things are and you look at things with a critical eye which you don’t do unless you are in that position.”

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