Cabbage dream to play at Seel Park could grow into a reality

MOSSLEY band Cabbage has been told its dream could come true – it could headline a gig at the town’s Seel Park.

For Mossley AFC chairman Gary Dean has revealed he would like to speak to them about the prospect of a show.

Last month, the Correspondent told how Lee Broadbent of the band said they would love to perform at the home of the town’s football club.

Now Mr Dean has said he wants to meet with the band and its representatives about the possibility of setting up a gig.

And if it comes off, it could be a massive financial boost to the Lilywhites.

Mr Dean said: “At this stage we haven’t had a formal approach from the group or their management.

“I haven’t met the band but I would like to.

“I have listened to their stuff and its very energetic, I like it.

“The amount it would cost to put on depends on the size of the event.

“We have to calculate especially staff in terms of the expected number of people that attend, however all our regular staff are unpaid volunteers – and they are great.

“Staff requirements also relates to catering, security etc. Of course the more people come, the more cost effective any event is so proportionally the club benefits more.

“Costs are very dependent on the event type, investment we as a club need to make and the prices charged.

“Also all performers and their management have their own requirements that can vary but large events are important in bringing funds to the club.

“The annual firework event brings in more than 2,500 people and this helps pay for important club investments such as ground improvements – though we did spend a lot on the fireworks last time, 2018 was our biggest display ever.

“The other important spin off element would be that if people are visiting Seel Park for the first time, or after a long absence, they can see what we are doing with the club first-hand.

“The home match after the firework display brought in our largest crowd this season. What’s great is that many people came back again!

“We could say that large events can contribute as much as 10 per cent of our income in a normal year in the past.

Mossley AFC, Seel Park

“However of course we have not exploited many of the possibilities in the past – going forward we intend to try and work on making Seel Park a hub for the Mossley community and this also means exploring what events we could host in the future.”

At the moment, those developments mean more events being held at the ground in Mossley’s social club as well as the firework display.

However, Cabbage playing a concert at the 4,000-capacity venue, which would be increased if people are allowed on the pitch, would be a massive shot in the arm.

In June, they support Stockport band Blossoms at their homecoming gig at Stockport County’s Edgeley Park ground.

And Lee did not hide his ambitions in a broadcast on national radio station BBC 6 Music.

He said: “Hopefully it will be a place where we can put on a headline show at some point.

“We haven’t even begun to make discussions yet but one can only hope.”

The possibility of Cabbage playing at Seel Park is a sign of the board’s new ambitions when it comes to making Mossley AFC bigger off the field.

The Correspondent revealed that for the first time a Whit Friday brass band competition will be held there.

Other things have been put in place but this would be the next stage as Mr Dean added: “The new board has already implemented a lot of developments this season.

“A new website, new branding, new managers, new under-21s development team, improved social club and our strategies regarding greater inclusion across all areas, so any developments we can make happen that link the club to local communities and talent is at the forefront of our plans.

“It would be great exposure for sure. A talented local group would be very welcome and the publicity for the club wouldn’t hurt either.

“I heard what Lee said and that was a very nice thing to hear, also that these guys have had strong memories and links firmly with the community.

“We hold an increasing amount of events at the social club and regularly have bands on at weekends.

“This year we are hosting for the first time the traditional brass band contest, where we are planning to give it a real boost by running additional prizes and having a lot more catering choices too.

“We have a real appetite to utilise our facilities to the maximum.”

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