New homes help reduce Mossley parish precept

NEW build properties in the town has helped reduce the Mossley parish precept by 22 pence.

Householders in band D properties will see the levy reduced from £9.37 to £9.15 for 2019/20.

Mossley town councillors were informed the council base has been increased to 3,389 from the current 3,310 to include forecast new homes in the next year.

“The effect of the increase is to further reduce the band D levy for properties in the town from £9.22 to £9.15 based on a precept level of £31,000, the current precept level,” explained town clerk Mike Iveson in an email to town councillors.

The town council budget for 2019/20 has been set at an unchanged £31,000 with town councillors hearing there was no justification for an increase.

• TOWN councillor Dean Aylett is keen for Mossley to pursue a neighbourhood plan, even though it will be “complicated, time consuming and costly”.

Cllr Aylett has long been campaigning for a neighbourhood plan that would prevent developers dictating where homes are built.

He said: “I think we should keep going, even if it is on the slow burner.

“It may not happen for 20 years, but we need to keep chipping away.

“I understand people not having their heart in it because it is daunting and all we hear about are the negatives.

“We can’t complain about our infrastructure in future when we have done nothing when we had the chance to influence where developments take place.”

An approach has been made to Kirklees Council for an officer or councillor to meet Mossley town councillors to discuss the best way of proceeding with a neighbourhood plan which that authority has in place.

• THE loss of industrial land in Mossley is a concern to town councillor Eleanor Shember-Critchley.

That is why she is objecting to the demolition of an existing workshop and construction of nine dwellings on the site of Grasmere Motors, Mossley.

Cllr Shember-Critchley said: “It is the loss of industrial land which I object to on that basis.

“It is one of the few industrial sites in Mossley and it would represent the loss of an established site.”

• MAYOR of Mossley, Cllr Irene Raddings’ fundraising events so far have raised almost £6,500.

Forthcoming events include the mayor’s ball on Saturday, February 23. Numbers are needed by the end of January for catering purposes.

Tickets priced £28 are available from Stuart Raddings on 07488 285591.

A pie and peas lunch is at Mossley Band Club, Argyle Street, from 11.30am-2pm on Wednesday, March 6 at a cost of £3.

And a St Patrick’s Day evening will be held at the Yorkshire Ward Conservative Club from 7.30pm on Saturday, March 16. There is no charge.

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