Pupils learn hate crime awareness

PUPILS at Millbrook Primary took part in a workshop to mark Hate Crime Awareness Week.

They worked in groups and were given a set of cards which showed pictures of individuals who all looked very different.

There were differences in age, gender, race and personal style. Some pictures showed the individuals performing an activity which may be a hobby or job.

The children had to choose five people they would like to hang out with based on their initial reactions to the pictures.

They were encouraged to be honest about why they had chosen particular people. It was discussed how important first impressions are as a defence mechanism but they should be careful about making judgements about people they didn’t know.

They were then asked to choose two people they would not like to hang out with.

Reasons were again explored and it was discussed why many children had chosen the same people.

When the children were given some personal information about their selected people, some admitted they actually sounded quite nice and it was discussed how, from every group of people (social/racial/religious/cultural, etc), there are nice people and not so nice people and this isn’t always evident from how they look.

The children then found out that Sophie, a teenager who three groups had selected as someone they wouldn’t like to hang out with, had been attacked and killed because of her looks (dreadlocks, piercings and tattoos).

The children then found out more about what a hate crime is and what to do if they think they or someone else is a victim.

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