Local Elections 2019: Mossley candidate profiles

WHO will get your vote in the local elections on May 2? Here the candidates for Mossley explain why you should vote for them, in their own words.

Dean Tom Aylett – Independent

I HAVE lived in and around Mossley for 45 years. I am passionate about all items Mossley including protecting greenbelt land, bus and police services, implementing green corridors, safe roads, while championing the need for a strong Mossley independent voice.

Housing development – I have recently implemented a start-up of a neighbourhood plan which will allow every person in Mossley to have a say on how our town is to be developed in the future.

Policing – Serious crime is committed by a small minority while anti-social behaviour is common place. I will continue to campaign to support the police in identifying serious criminals while recognising that anti-social behaviour are generational and require a different challenge of identifying the needs of offenders and supporting new and existing community groups to provide alternative outlets and options for our youngsters.

Public transport – I will continue to support the need for services to and from Mossley while also campaigning for a fair deal in the recent government cycling and walking strategy to implement safe and clean walking and cycle lanes to Mossley.

Environment – I am implementing schemes including a tree planting initiative that will benefit Mossley folk for generations to come with cleaner air and cosmetic beauty, this will also benefit the wild life that lives alongside us creating a lasting legacy.

Roads and pavements – Third world springs to mind. I will continue to highlight problem areas while also campaign for a local budget to be set aside for the maintenance of Mossley roads.
I have brought up my three children here, seven grandchildren and I am a member of the neighbourhood council.

I want to keep the best that Mossley has to offer, but I also want to improve the rest. We must never accept the mediocre.

Tafheen Sharif- Labour Party (incumbent)

I have represented Mossley for three years, a role I love and work to the best of my abilities.

As a Mossley councillor I have immersed my energy into resolving a wide range of casework for people in difficult circumstances, hopefully making a difference to the lives of many, especially our most vulnerable.

I have been active on campaigns and issues in Mossley including ‘Save Our Community Spaces’ and also been heavily involved with the flooding on Micklehurst Road, organising public meetings with key agencies.

Our local cemetery extension has also been flooded, leading to me arranging public meetings and obtaining land drainage so families can visit their loved ones in peace. I also took leadership for Mossley in the devastating fires on the moorlands, disseminating key information and health advice.

I have both objected and supported planning applications. Every matter I have appealed on has been won and a further appeal at the Planning Inspectorate has also been a success for residents.
I am a firm believer in not inundating a town with lots of new developments, without foresight and having in place a supportive infrastructure.

I continue to fight for better transport links in Mossley, including more efficient train and bus services.

Policing in Mossley is significantly stretched. Over the years I have been able to work closely with local police, having built up a good relationship.

If elected again, I will continue to help resolve matters for Mossley residents with passion and energy.

I will carry my values and principles of equality, justice and equity. I will continue the campaign for a better deal for Mossley.

Daniel Percival – Conservative Party

I KNOW you must be sick and tired of politics with what is going on in Westminster, but at these local elections it is a decision on who will run your local council services.

For 40 years Tameside Council has been led by the Labour Party and just what is Mossley getting from that?

We have seen Labour councillors force charges on our car parks affecting town centre businesses and sell off plots of our green spaces to developers.

A third of all Labour councillors on Tameside Council are related to each other. In Mossley we have Jack and Steven Homer who have earned £26,738 between them this year. For the Parish Council we have Lynn and Frank Travis standing who earned an eye watering £52,397 for the last financial year from Tameside taxpayers.

The Conservatives plan to cut the number of councillors by a third and scrap elections every year moving them to “all out” every four years. This would save in the region of £600,000 every year and we would put this money into tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.

Mossley needs change and a voice that will stand up for the area. Don’t reward Labour at these elections to carry on their 40 years of control at Tameside Council.

Christine Anne Clark – Green Party 

MY name is Christine Clark and I am proud to be the Green Party candidate for Mossley where I have lived all my life. I have worked with people with learning difficulties in social services and at welfare rights, all in Tameside.

The Green Party knows that our local green spaces are vital for health, clean air and general quality of life. The open air leisure facilities are ours, paid for through our council tax.

The green spaces, trees and vegetation capture excessive rainfall, helping to eliminate flood risk which is really important to us here in Mossley.

We love our pets but top of the problem list is dog fouling, next is litter and then fly-tipping.

Dangerous to all road users, particularly cyclists and horses, are potholes. These ongoing problems need to be addressed with more urgency.

Along with this, the River Tame has the highest recorded plastic pollution in the world. The source of the pollution needs to be identified and dealt with.

The Green Party puts people before profit and campaigns for faster action nationally and locally. I and other Green Party members will be pressing for action from our Tameside Council and national Government on all these matters.

Vote Christine Clark Green Party on May 2.


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