Roadworks create rat-run and raise fears of a fatal accident

CHAOS continues on Mossley Road where roadworks and three-way temporary traffic signals will be in operation until June.

A resident fears it is only a matter of time before somebody is killed on Luzley Road, Mossley, which is being used as a rat-run by speeding motorists to avoid the roadworks on Mossley Road.

Firefighters also have issues with cars, backing up into the town centre, which are blocking access to the fire station while at night time when they are retained they are struggling to report for duty in the statutory four minute time limit.

The resident, who refused to be identified for fear of reprisals from irate car drives, said he had been threatened as he painted a picture of hell for homeowners.

“We used to get 50 cars a day using our road – now it is 50 cars every five minutes. I know for a fact three cats have been killed and I have also heard a dog has been killed,” he explained.

“It is only a question of when, not if, someone is killed.”

Fearing Luzley Road would be used as a rat-run, a barrier was placed at the Mossley end and an access only sign at the approach from Ashton.

The resident said: “The plastic barriers at the Mossley end were not filled and were barged out of the way by drivers.

“I rebuilt it and suddenly 10 cars were behind me with drivers furious.

“I was threatened and the abuse on Facebook was unbelievable. It was a case of mob rule.”

The resident has called for the Mossley end to be blocked, even though that would mean a diversion for residents to gain access from Ashton.

“I am quite prepared to use the Ashton end, even though it is inconvenient, if it means saving lives,” he continued.

Geraldine Duffy, licensee of the Hare and Hounds pub, also raised safety concerns.

She said: “The speed of the cars using Luzley Road is worrying.

“I am concerned if someone walks out of the pub and crosses the road they might be hit.”

Geraldine added one possible solution would be to erect speed humps on Luzley Road to slow down drivers.

“I have asked the council but they say they don’t have the money to do it,” she said.

Geraldine added she is worried about the impact on business at the pub if Luzley Road is blocked.

“If customers can’t get to the pub which would affect trade. I would prefer slow down signs and speed humps,” she said.

Gary Phillips, watch manager at Mossley Fire Station, said there have been several times when motorists have blocked the entrance so they have been unable to get out.

“We have had emergency calls but had to sit and wait for the traffic to move before we could get out,” he explained.

Gary added that in the evening and at night they have to report to the station within four minutes if they are summoned from home.

He continued: “If traffic is backing up on Mossley Road and we faced delays we use Luzley Road to beat the queues.

“We have also used it to get to emergencies when traffic has been queuing on Mossley Road so it is important for us that Luzley Road remains open.

“I can appreciate the issues it is having for residents on Luzley Road, but we have to use it as we cannot afford to sit and wait in traffic if we get called to an emergency.”

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  1. Whether residents like it not, it’s a public road that motorists are entitled to use. You can’t just erect a barrier without going through procedure and protocols!

    Speeding is a problem on most roads!

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